a traveling Wife: Monday Memories

Monday Memories

Monday, October 13, 2014

...and we meet again. I'm not talking about you and I - I'm talking about Monday. 

I am having really mixed feelings this Monday. I wanted to stay in bed so terribly. It was rainy outside and dark and I was just tired. But then again, I also wanted to go to work to get the day over with. I mean, I am only 2 work days away from being on vacation. Whoop! Let the festivities begin, dammit! 

While my weekend went by in the blink of an eye, I am hoping Monday and Tuesday will be the exact same way. Time flies when you're having fun. Although, I didn't do anything spectacular this weekend so I am stumped as to why it went by so quick. Here is what I did! Brace yourself - it was far from wild and crazy. 

a traveling Wife blog
a traveling Wife blog
a traveling Wife blog
And a little snuggle sesh to end the fall adventurous weekend. Mind you, it was freezing in the house!
a traveling Wife blog

Now bring on the sunshine, warm weather, cocktails, and vacation memories... Just a few more days. 


  1. Cuddle sessions are always welcomed. It looks like your time outside was beautiful with all the fall leaves! Super cute pic of you and the pup!

    1. Cuddles really are the best! We lucked out with decent weather - no rain and mid 60's.


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