a traveling Wife: Dodging Sketch People

Dodging Sketch People

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Walking downtown can be scary but for the last few months I have learned some tricks to walk the streets safely. I park nearly 6 blocks from work downtown because the only permitted parking lots my employer allows me to park in require the use of paid valet.

Paid valet sounds pretty awesome, right? I mean it would be awesome to pull up to the building and hand over your keys and then at the end of the day your car is magically waiting at the door for you to exit. This is not the case people. We have to walk a minimum of 2-3 blocks if the first lot is not full. Then you pull your car in a line and leave the keys in the car. What valet does after that is a mystery. At the end of your work day, you  must then text or email your tag number for valet to find your car and park it in the exit line. Here, your car will sit with keys in it awaiting anyone to come drive off with it.

Because I don't want to deal with any of the above non-sense, I walk. Six blocks that is. Now mind you, I work downtown Indianapolis and the streets aren't awful, but there can be some sketch people. But then again, I have walked my fair share of cities with sketch people! So here is my guide to safely walk a downtown area.

1. Don't carry a purse. Or anything of value for that matter. I also try to avoid designer labels.

2. Walk briskly and confidently. Keeping your head up will make you aware of your surroundings but will also deter those individuals that want to prey on the weak.

3. Keep your phone handy. You never know when you want to pretend you got an important text or email, let alone call 9-1-1!

4. If someone yells, "hey!" assume they are talking to someone else. Ignore them and follow step 2 above.

5. Walk in well lit areas. The days are getting shorter and that means darker streets. Try and walk where there are streetlights or lit parking lots.

Do you work in a downtown area or live near one? What are your tricks to safely walk the streets?


  1. That's so strange that they make you use valet parking! It sounds like a pain for those who choose to use it!

    I'm curious -- you don't carry a purse or laptop bag or anything into work everyday? That rule makes sense, but I wouldn't want to leave all of my valuables in the car either!

    1. Oh I definitely carry a tote, just not a purse. Also, I don't leave ANYTHING in my car. That's one nice thing for working downtown - my car is always spotless on the inside.


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