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Life of a Dog / Day in the Life of Roxi

Monday, December 22, 2014

Well erro there! I'm Roxi, Mommy and Daddy's furchild. They think I'm silly and love sharing stories about me. Mom wanted me to help with today's post by having me participate in a Day in the Life of Rox. Happy reading. 

I get Roxi out of her cage in the morning and she slowly crawls out from her cave.
Goood morning! Can I snuggle?
She hops in bed to greet her Dad. Then head dives under the sheets to the end of the bed where she curls into a ball.
I need a few more minutes of sleep. Don't bother me. And definitely, don't move.
One minute goes by and she is in my face licking it.
I'm hungry. Is it time to eat? Let's eat. Go feed me. I'm hungry.

I get out of bed and put Roxi's collar on; better known as her necklace.
Oh man, I forgot I was naked. Put that thing on me. It's mine, not yours.
To the kitchen she runs to eat. Scarfs her food then is ready to go outside. She stands on the end of the deck making sure nothing has changed in her backyard.
Shed - check. Trees - check. Fence - check. Grill - check.
Then she does her business and waits at the door.
'Erro. Anyone want to let me in? It's cold outside. 'Erro! Oh, hey. Finally!

I leave for work and all hell breaks loose.
I'm going to lay on the bed. Nope, that's not good. I'll move to the couch. Was that the mailman? Shit, is that a burglar? I'm going to go hide on the bed. 
*Who knows what she actually does during the day. We haven't invested in cameras. Yet.*

I walk in through the door after 11 hours at work.
O. Ehm. Gee!! You didn't forget about me.
I crouch down to hug and kiss the little pup.
Gimme. Gimme. Gimme all the kisses.

After putting my lunch bag away, it's time for a walk.
A walk? A walk? A real life walk? This. Is. Happening.
I take one to many seconds to find Rox's leash.
A walk! A walk! Remember we are going for a walk. Why am I so short? I must get your attention. A walk!

Walking down the street and a neighbor dog is out walking to.
HEY YOU! I'm super excited to see you. Have we met before? We must shake hands, 'er, sniff butts. Please. Please. Please. Come over here!

Back in the house, I take her coat off and...
It's so darn cold outside. I must run. Run around the house to warm up. Oh wait, is that one of my babies. Mommy should play. Play. Play. Play. Mommy, can we play? 

I sit down to catch up on reality TV.
Oh, fine. You don't want to play. How about I snuggle on your lap? Make room. I want you to put that blanket on your lap. No blanket, no snuggle. Put the blanket down. I want to lay on your lap. Pleeease. Do it. 
I finally get the hint and put the blanket on my lap.
Phew. About damn time. Wait, is that a squirrel in my yard. STRANGER DANGER! STRANGER DANGER!
I yell at her to knock it off.

She finally comes back to my lap, but then Dad walks through the door.
O. Ehm. Gee!! You didn't forget about me.
He crouches down to kiss the pup.
Gimme. Gimme. Gimme all the kisses.

It's dinner time for the adults (AKA real humans).
Guys, I am right here. I am a starving pup. I would like whatever you are eating. Just a taste? No? But I'll be here if you drop anything. Anything at all. I promise I will clean it up. See Mom, you won't have to vacuum. Come on!

Roxi gets tucked into bed and her necklace comes off.
Don't forget about my treat. I will not be able to fall asleep without my treat.
She gets her nightly treat and I close her cage door.

And the same thing happens the next day...

Until next time, 


  1. Your pup is adorable!! Looks like Roxi knows how to pose for pictures (:


    1. Thank you! I feel the exact same way. She sure is a ham :)


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