a traveling Wife: What to Look Forward to in your Late 20's

What to Look Forward to in your Late 20's

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Aging. It sucks. During my young college days I was so care free. Student loan for housing, student loan for books, student loan for class, student loan for food. The only thing I had to worry about was making it to class on time. And if I was lucky, my work assignments were done on time. Then I graduated.

Things got real. I needed to look for a big girl job but instead, I went back to school for Massage Therapy. I had a window of 16-ish months between graduating with my Bachelors and getting married and moving from Michigan to California. To me, it wasn't worth the time of looking for a job and wanted a career plan to fall back on.

Now I am in my late 20's gasp. I am married, work full time, do not have kids, my metabolism is slowing down, and wrinkles are starting to form. If you are younger than me, here is what you have to look forward to when you reach your late 20's.

If you are not married, people will question you. And if you are not in any type of relationship people will look at you like you have spinach in your teeth or a bat in the cave. If you don't know that reference, I am sorry. Lucky for me, I got married in my early 20's and wouldn't change a thing!

Your metabolism slows down. I mean like instantly! I spent just over a week on vacation binging on beer and gained nearly 10 pounds. WHAT the what! Plus, exercise is not enough to whip that bootay back into shape. You actually have to eat healthy.

If you are married, people will ask when you are having babies. Why do family members feel the need to ask this question? Do they really want to know everything about our sex lives? Yes, we have sex. No, we are not trying for a baby, yet!

You have to take life seriously. Like get a job, be conscious about saving money for your retirement, consider investments, and all that boring stuff. It's headache inducing thoughts of the future that make us drink until we gain those 10 pounds. See above.

Wrinkles. Oh the wrinkles. This is the true test of how you lived in your early 20's. Take care of your skin - face, neck, and hands. Those areas are the first to show age and I want to look like I am 23-24 again. Forever!

I may not have a solution for the above scenarios, but I can help with the wrinkle department. I have tested many creams, lotions, serums, and ointments. Honestly, it is hard to tell if they are making a difference because I don't have any deep wrinkles. But I am definitely hoping that these potions help me in the coming years.

For example: This serum from AzureNaturals was sent to me to review. I tried the serum on my face and almost instantly broke out in cystic acne. Not cool. So I have been using this on my neck and back of my hands nightly.

The Retinol serum is like most serums I have tried - smooth, not sticky, and absorbs quickly. I will continue to use this bad boy to fight off those wrinkles. I am all about that preventative care.

Do you have anything else to add to my list? What types of products do you use to prevent wrinkles?

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*I received the serum from Tomoson for review. All opinions are my own. See disclaimer at bottom of page.*


  1. I agree with the above! Questions about marriage and babies in your late 20's pop up less often when you're still in school though- strategic ;)

    1. Ooh, good point. That would be cruel for family/friends to nag you about marriage and babies while you're in school. :)

  2. I think I might some of this...going to hit 30 in July and I am certainly not getting any younger :(

    1. I have a few recommendations depending on what you are trying to target. Let me know! :)

  3. Sadly, my hands are incredibly wrinkled because I never wore sunscreen until my senior year of college when I got a horrible horrible sunburn in Hawaii. I'm 33 now and luckily don't have that many on my face.

    1. Sunscreen was something I never used in my early twenties. Now I need to correct my bad habits!


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