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Life in the Fast Lane

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wow - that's really all I can say.

This last month has been just a crazy dream, or nightmare, depending how you look at it. A and I went to Maryland to pick out a new house in just 2 days, we listed our home in Indiana for sale, we booked hotels, rental cars, packing crew, movers, car haulers, and the list goes on. We set aside time to celebrate our friendships with coworkers and friends alike. Dinners were had, beer and wine were consumed, and a few tears shed by the least likely of hearts.

The last few days were filled with the remainder of going away festivities and packing all of our belongings. Every last box was placed on the truck with care and our cars were hauled away.

Now I sit in a hotel room, after eating far too much food from a lovely restaurant in Washington, PA. We don't have a home in Indiana and we don't have a home yet in Maryland. We are homeless. Or house-less if you want me to be politically correct. Its a very weird feeling.

I had every intent of getting a review posted for the most fabulous essential oils. It's all the rage right now and who isn't pushing dōTERRA or Young Living essential oils down your throat? Literally! After working in the spa industry, I like to do my research on companies when they throw out terminology including 'therapeutic' grade, or the like, I would still purchase Insta Natural essential oil over the other brands.That's just my opinion.

Being busy isn't the only excuse for not posting the review. I dropped my precious bottle of peppermint oil and it shattered to pieces. I placed the 4 oz glass jar on the kitchen table and tuned my back. Next thing I hear a rolling sound then BOOM. Peppermint filled the room and I imagine the house still smells of peppermint essential oil.

Please check out all brands of essential oil, especially Insta Natural. Just be sure that the oils are 100% pure.

How has your week been going?
*I received some of the products mentioned in the above post from Tomoson for review. All opinions are my own. See disclaimer at bottom of page.*


  1. That happened to us for a couple weeks when we moved to IN from PA. It is a weird feeling! Hope you get settled soon.

    1. Thanks, Holly! I really don't know how people do it will little kiddos. :)


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