a traveling Wife: Traveling by Plane - Pet Peeves

Traveling by Plane - Pet Peeves

Monday, March 2, 2015

Traveling. It can be fun, exciting, and stressful all at the same time. I have spent a fair amount of time traveling by plane and have seen a lot. A lot of people, in my opinion, doing it all wrong. Here is a list of pet peeves that I have while traveling by plane. Please do not be a perpetrator of these!

TSA Security Checkpoint

It is not okay to argue with TAS or disobey them. They have the final say in your destination - whether you are able to board that plane or leave the airport. If you are new to this whole security checkpoint thing, I do not feel for you. Follow all of the signs and directions given to you. Don't ask if you have to take off your belt or empty your pockets. Most likely you will, so do it from the beginning. I cannot stand those that don't understand this process. 

Carry-on Luggage

Good for you. You fit all of your belongings for your trip in one, two, or three bags. Oh wait, you are only allowed one carry on and one personal item. If you think you can get away with taking more, I will stare at you with devil eyes. My resting bitch face might be my actual bitch face. Also, I don't think it's fair or appropriate that you place all of your carry-on items above your seat. There is room under the seat in front of you. Don't be a hog!

Bringing Food on Flight

I cannot stand those that are not respectful of those around them, let alone the whole damn plane. Bring food that doesn't offend people. Please don't bring anything overly garlicky, jerky of any sort, eggs, stinky cheese, and the list goes on. Be kind!

Boarding the Plane

Please take as long as you would like finding your seat and rummaging through your carry-on bag. Please stand right in the middle of the aisle. Trust me, no one will mind. Okay, all of this makes my blood boil. It would be nice if these people just shimmied into an empty row to allow others to walk by. Again, be kind!

Boarding the Plane Part 2

"Now boarding zone 2." This doesn't mean that you, as zone 4, should jump in line. Wait your turn. Everyone will board the plane soon enough. Take a breather. 

Taking seflies

"Look at me. I'm on a plane!" Really? Who are you going to send that to that would actually care. Those that take selfies just look silly.
I did do this on an empty plane. Don't judge. 
I could probably come up with several more pet peeves. More than I can count on one hand. What are your biggest pet peeves while traveling by plane?