a traveling Wife: Show Me Your Food #WIAW

Show Me Your Food #WIAW

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Who is ready for another episode of What I ate Wednesday, err What I am Eating This Week?

This week is a little odd for me because A is out of town so I am all on my own. I may or may not have had a box of Kraft mac 'n cheese for dinner on Monday along with some wine. Don't judge.

In all seriousness, I am not perfect and I definitely don't eat perfectly. It's a work in progress but sometimes a girl needs a little comfort food in her life. Okay?

As for the remainder of the week, I have some delicious meals planned out. And of course I celebrated Cinco de Mayo with my own twist of Mexican food.

My day gets started with a latte made with skim milk. I MUST have some type of coffee, but during the week we use the Nespresso and on the weekend we make drip coffee.

Breakfast - Special K chocolatey delight because it is beyond tasty. Last week I showcased another chocolate cereal - I feel like a child.

Snack 1 - Caramel rice cake topped with blackberry jam and a handful of blueberries on the side. I absolutely love cinnamon so I just sprinkled some all over the top. Who would have thought rice cakes could be so tasty?!

Lunch - It has been absolutely wonderful outside but soup is a favorite of mine. Even though it was nearly 85 degrees, I still ate some broccoli soup outside. I topped the soup with a little plain greek yogurt and infused some water with lemon, cucumber, and mint.

Also, this soup is beyond easy. Spanish onion, head of broccoli, and vegetable stock. Cook everything together in a pot for about 30 minutes then blend it up. Season with garlic, salt, and pepper.

Snack 2 - I just signed up for a Graze subscription box and was so delighted to see a chai snack. My love of chai isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Want 2 free Graze boxes? Use code CGVRL749B to get your 1st and 5th box free (this code was provided to me with my box and I wanted to share it with you) - enjoy!

Dinner - And now time to celebrate the holiday. Shredded chicken tacos with a large side of chips and salsa. Oh yeah, while everyone was enjoying their margaritas, I was drinking sparkling water with a splash of lemonade. It is soo good. Give it a try!

Dessert - Whoops, dropped the ball on this one. I almost always eat something for dessert but have not been that hungry lately. I have fallen into a rut of not getting all of my food in for the day. If I do become hungry I will lean towards dark chocolate morsels or pineapple whip smoothie.

As a reminder, I plan all of my meals for the week with 1-2 breakfasts, 1-2 lunches, and 2-3 dinners. One day is left for leftovers and the other is for dining out. However, all of the food pictured above is how I typically eat!

What are you eating this week?


  1. Haha I LIVED off Kraft Mac & cheese as a kid! I'm sure I'd still enjoy it today if I had some!

    1. Don't do it!! You will regret every last tasty bit of it. And then want more. :)

  2. Nothing beats kraft mac & cheese! The wine sounds like a fantastic addition :)

    1. You are soo right. The wine was the best decision that night! :)


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