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Friday, July 17, 2015

I have a confession to make. I'm a streaker.

I'll let you take that in for a moment.

Did you think I was referring to myself as a naked college student frolicking down the hall of my dorms? That's not quite the streaking I am talking about - at least not today. I am talking about a running streak.

Apparently there is an entire association dedicated to running every single day, at least one mile a day, and it's called running streak.

I have always liked running but I am terrible at it. I don't know how to breathe (plus I have asthma), I don't know anything about form, and I don't know how to run longer distances. There is so much for me to learn and now I am actually going to take the time to learn.

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Ten days ago I started running. I went out and ran one mile. Then the next day I went out again for another mile. Day three came around and I laced up my shoes once more. And here I am, day ten done and I am ready for more.

My neck is tight and my calves burn so bad that I can hardly walk down the stairs, but there is something about a challenge that keeps me wanting more.

Sure ten days is nothing to you 'professional' runners. For me, this is a record and one that I am proud of. However, over these ten days I have learned a lot. A lot about running and a lot about myself.

Running Streak, Fitfluential, Running, Fitness, Running Tips
How funning is the center row of the collage? I couldn't have made that up myself if I tried!!

- I have learned that running without music is like its own type of meditation. I can listen to the birds, listen to my feet step one in front of the other, and I can listen to my breath - the sound of a dyeing elephant.

- I have learned that breathing is everything. Breathing in and out during a run is important.

- I have learned that running on a humid day is bad. Running humid day after humid day isn't all that bad. You actually kind of get used to the humidity.

- I have learned that hills and I don't get along.

- I have learned that my old cotton gym shorts work just as well as any wicking material. If it's humid as hell outside, I am going to be dripping with sweat anyways.

If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen my daily check-ins. I don't include my run time or my distance because I feel like there is so much competition to get out and run faster and further. This is not my goal. Yes, it feels great when my run was quicker than the day prior but I am more focused on just getting out each and every day. For sake of keeping track and giving you some motivation, I will share my times and distances here.

day one - 1 mile in 8:48
day two - 1 mile in 9:10
day three - 1 mile in 9:01
day four - 1 mile in 9:14
day five - 1 mile in 8:59
day six - 1 mile in 8:38
day seven - 1 mile in 8:44
day eight - 1 mile in 9:05
day nine - 1 mile in 8:22 (morning)
               - 1.8 miles average 9:38
day ten - 1 mile in 8:40

There you have it. In the past 10 days I ran 11.8 miles and I am feeling pretty good. I do know that I should probably invest in better shoes if I am going to run longer distances. My shoes from over 5 years ago probably don't have the best support - hence my aching neck.

Do you like to share your run time and distance on social media? Have you ever challenged yourself to a run streak?


  1. Those are really fast miles! Like sub 30 5k's if you can keep it up. One thing I have learned is that by slowing down, it allows you to run longer distances.

    Oh, I also prefer to run without music when I'm outside. I like to hear what's going on around me and it is nice to be more in tune with your surroundings.

    Great job on the mile a day!

    1. Thanks, Holly! Last year my 5K was around 28 minutes but I would love to make that an easier and quicker run.

      Also, I'm glad to know I'm not the only person that likes to run without music. I honestly find music to be a distraction.

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