a traveling Wife: Bathroom Remodel Under $500

Bathroom Remodel Under $500

Friday, August 21, 2015

Our fixer upper that A and I purchased in Indiana was slowly becoming our dream. Room by room we repaired floors, walls, fixtures, and replaced furniture. When we learned of A's relocation we knew we would have to start all over again. It's not in the cards for us to purchase our dream home finished for us, plus it's more fun to create that dream.

The house we purchased in Maryland is much older and has many more flaws. Flaws that aren't that easy to fix or that require multiple steps. While we've been repairing more items than replacing, I am happy to show you our updated bathroom (I'm still on the hunt for some shelving above the toilet - you'll see). 

The bathroom contains a lot of original features to our 1987 house. The steel tub had been repaired many times and the floors have small cracks throughout. The vanity showed signs of water damage and was severely faded. And let's not talk about all of the medicine cabinets that were in this small space. One of those cabinets did stay because of the razor blade slot on the inside. So cool!
I was beyond eager to work on this bathroom since I found out family was coming out to visit. I wanted to be sure that our guests could enjoy a comfortable, clean, and inviting bathroom experience. Because of my excitement, I didn't get many before pictures. In fact, I only have three and they are all of the vanity. So please use your imagination and I will walk you through the remodel.

Above the toilet was a large oak cabinet that was removed and I am still searching for the perfect shelves. The mirror ($29.96) replaced an oak medicine cabinet that too was removed. We updated a rectangular box light with this lovely nickel light ($64.97 similar found here) and the one piece sink/counter combo was updated with quartz and a white porcelain sink ($135.20). The wall color is Opaline by Sherwin Williams (SW 6189 $60).

The one handle faucet was upgraded to this lovely widespread faucet ($89) in nickel and the succulent, that hasn't died yet, is from Ikea.

The vanity received a bath of a vinegar-water mixture and a light sanding. I then used General Finishes Gel Stain ($23.64) in antique walnut. I used General Finishes Gel Stain in java on our vanity in Indiana. It turned out so lovely then, but is too dark of an option for this house. I think the results are perfect for the style I was going for.

Most accessories we already had and are just repurposing here. I don't know why people feel the urge to buy all new when they are remodeling or updated. I'm on a budget, people! Here is a side view of the vanity. The sides are veneer and I opted to not replace them with real oak, just stained right on top of the veneer.

All vanity hardware was replaced. The hinges ($12.98) are not my favorite but they will have to do - it's a guest bathroom after all. The pulls ($20.79 for 10) on the other hand, I am loving them. I bought enough for our kitchen when we update that. More on that later. Way later!

This medicine cabinet is the only one that stayed. It's beautiful and unexpected. And, it has a razor blade slot in the back. There is no way I was getting rid of this thing.

If you made it to here, congratulations. I'll make it easy for you and add up all of the items we updated to prove to you it was under $500.

vanity light (similar) $64.97
widespread faucet $89
quartz countertop with undermount sink $135.20
mirror $29.96
nickel shower rod $22.91
nickel toilet paper holder $18.98
General Finishes antique walnut gel stain $23.64
Opaline Sherwin Williams emerald paint in satin $60
cabinet pulls $20.79 for 10
cabinet hinges $12.98 for 10

total = $478.43
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What do you think? I think it's clean and comfortable. We might opt to upgrade the floors at a future date. Future us < any Renovation Reality watchers?

Have you ever updated or remodeled a bathroom on a budget? What's your favorite way to make your guest bathroom comfortable?