a traveling Wife: Real Life Bloopers - Christmas Edition

Real Life Bloopers - Christmas Edition

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My favorite part of any movie is after or during the credits when they play the bloopers. There is something so comical to see real life reactions to mistakes or mishaps. Honestly, they get me every time.

I think blogging is no different. What would be the appeal of reading someone's blog if it wasn't well thought out and didn't include lovely edited photos? There wouldn't be much attraction. Blogging is just like acting. Not in the sense that we are making a script for our lives (some are but we won't get into that today). We are just editing our life via photos and concious text. But there comes a time when our true personalities need to shine past the glare of the computer screen.

Last week I shared my tips on how to take family portraits for free. A and I took all of the photos ourselves and made one of those perfected posed portraits into our Christmas card for this year. There were a lot of great shots but a lot more blooper shots. Here is a glimpse into the real life of a traveling Wife.
Sometimes you just need to get the giggles out!

 Shall we dance?!

Poor A. He was wearing the camera around his neck and I was trying to take it off while he was holding Roxi. I bonked his head on a metal piece and it instantly starting bleeding. That does not have anything to do with this photo - he is just a goof!

What'd you say?


 Don't mind me.

 Me: I have a secret to tell you.
A: Ahhhhh.

Treats are the only way to hold your dog's attention for longer than 30 seconds.

Awkward family photo.

Do you like watching the bloopers at the end of movies?
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