a traveling Wife: Are You Working Out The RIGHT Muscle?

Are You Working Out The RIGHT Muscle?

Friday, April 15, 2016

Living a healthy lifestyle is all about our spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental health. And our eye health is a huge part of our physical health. Let's not forget the importance of professional eye exams to help our eyes maintain their maximum performance. This post was sponsored by Think About Your Eyes as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received compensation as a thank you for my review.

By now, you all know that I strive to live a healthy lifestyle. This doesn't mean I strictly eat a plant-based diet, workout every single day, get 10 hours of sleep a night, and limit my exposure to harmful chemicals. Let's be honest - I like to maintain an 80:20 lifestyle. Eighty percent of the time I am behaving well, eating consciously, and maintaining a good physical health. The other twenty percent, I'm drinking wine, eating cookies, deep couch sitting, and watching Netflix. This all helps my sanity which is part of my emotional health. 
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While I've already talked about the importance of self-care to better well-being and why I started incorporating more vitamins into my daily routine,  we should discuss eye health. Most days we are straining our eyes by working on the computer, staring at our phones, or searching things on our tablets. Let's start thinking about our eyes more and take care of some of our strongest muscles. 

I am hoping that all those recent lifestyle stories resonate with you and maybe motivate you to live a better life - whatever that means to you. Just like finding the perfect pair of jeans, finding the perfect lifestyle that fits your needs is going to be different for everyone.

When was the last time you had a comprehensive eye exam? You can see from the graphic above, those that lead a 'healthy' lifestyle by exercising, tend to neglect their eye health. That is, despite being very conscious about their physical health. Think About Your Eyes is a national public awareness campaign that promotes the benefits of eye health and the importance of getting an annual comprehensive eye exam. On their website, you can get all types of eye health information as well as why eyes need regular care to maintain maximum performance. 
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One item I found very interesting was how harmful digital devices can be for our eyes. I think this is a great excuse to allow myself a weekly digital detox. Anyone else with me?

I urge you to take your eye health in your own hands. By getting an annual comprehensive eye exam, issues can be detected at their early stages when they are most treatable. That means, don't wait until you have a problem! And just to make things even easier, Think About Your Eyes has a locator finder to make your appointment with a professional. You can search as close as 5 miles from your house. 
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Tell me, when was your last eye exam?
Do you regularly practice detoxing from the digital world?
Do you suffer from headaches, tired eyes, neck or back pain, burning/stinging eyes, and/or difficulty focusing after extended periods of time? 
Check out Think About Your Eyes website to learn more about eye health.