a traveling Wife: Three Steps To Selling Your House In Three Days

Three Steps To Selling Your House In Three Days

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Home buying and selling is exciting yet stressful. I should know since I've purchased three houses in the last three years and sold two within the last two years.  By simply following these three steps, you are well on your way to getting your house sold FAST - we had three offers within the first week on our first home and a solid offer within three days of our second house. I'm living proof that these tips work!

If you've ever moved before in your life then you know it's a very exciting time. However, that excitement isn't the only emotion you are feeling. For me, I felt all sorts of negative emotions such as anxiousness, stress, and fear. All of these feelings are real. Heck, I've moved 5 times in 5 years to 5 different states - I never got accustomed to those feelings as they all remained the same.

There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to selling a house. You need to take into consideration the look, design and layout of your home, the school district your home is located in, the time of year you are planning to sell your house, etc.
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Now the likelihood of actually selling your house in three days from listing date to closing date is typically not the case, unless you have a cash buyer with no contingencies. But it's not impossible to get at least one offer within a few short days after listing your house. Then you'll have an inspection period where the buyers can have a professional inspect the home and a small waiting period for their mortgage company to go through their paperwork (typically 30-45 days). But let me share with you my THREE tips to getting a solid offer on your home quickly - for us it was in three days.


You'll need to mentally prepare yourself for moving out of your home. It's a good time to become detached from your belongings and look at your house as if you are a buyer. Items to look at are paintings and pictures that might need to be taken down, wall and paint repairs that need attention, address any issues outside such as landscaping or yard work, and just give your house a once over for any items that need attention.


You can check out my original post from when we sold our first house here - Selling Your House Fast. That post goes over the basics of staging your home and the benefits of utilizing a professional photographer when listing your house. By making your house camera ready, the buyer can really picture their family living there.
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Don't let any space go unnoticed. Buyers will be looking in closets, showers, cupboards, and appliances. This means, don't leave a load of laundry in the wash and make sure your toilets are clean. Leave no reason for a buyer to not want to move in right away! Also, I believe this step is extremely important before you even invite a real estate agent over to discuss selling your home (*only if you plan on having a professional help with selling your house, which I highly recommend).


If you've never sold a house before, having a professional realtor take the reigns on selling your house will cost you - typically 3-6% of the sale price. However, it is 100% worth every penny to utilize their skills, knowledge, and marketing abilities that you would otherwise lose out on if you chose the 'for sale by owner' route.

You DO NOT have to work with the first realtor you speak with. It is important that they understand your goals and they need to provide a marketing plan to help you achieve that goal. For us, we utilized a 60 day goal to help our agent appropriately price and market our house. Now remember, if you are working in a housing market where most buyers will be seeking a mortgage to purchase your home, you will have at least a 30-45 day period from list date to closing date. This is just standard  timeframe for all mortgage companies to complete all of their paperwork.
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The marketing that your real estate agent can provide is the most important reason why you should hire them. Some questions to ask;

- Would they recommend an open house?
- What do they believe the house will sell for?
- What price do they recommend listed the house at?
- How long do they expect the house to be on the market?
- What websites would they list your house on?
- Will they provide a professional photographer and use those images in the listing?
- Will they provide a 'for sale' sign for your yard?
- What types of brochures do they find most effective?

Now that you have a better understanding how to effectively and quickly sell your house, it's your turn! Hopefully you find these tips beneficial and that you can quickly sell your next house!

Have you ever sold a home before?
Any other tips that you would add to the list?
What are your fears when it comes to buying or selling a home?
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