a traveling Wife: First Trimester Must Haves

First Trimester Must Haves

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

While my first trimester was pretty straight forward with not many 'typical' pregnancy symptoms, these were the items that helped me survive the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. 

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This post is WAY overdue, considering that I am currently 38 weeks and 6 days pregnant, and I have to add a brief disclaimer prior to diving right into my must-have list for the first trimester. While pregnancy is a wonderful thing, I understand that there are many struggles along the way for a lot of families. If this post is not for you, come back next week for a delicious recipe.

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1. BeMaternity® - Be Band ($18.99 plus save 20% until 1/28)

I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of May so most of my first trimester was during the thick of summer and it was HOT in Missouri this past summer. Not only was I hot, sweaty and sticky most days, but I experienced a lot of bloating. This meant that after I ate, I just wanted to unbutton my pants. That's when I found this lovely belly band that allowed me to do just that but still left me feeling secure and supported. I bought it in nude and wore it practically every single day. 

Prior to conception, I had a handful of prenatal vitamin samples. Most of the pills were fine, but taking a huge horse pill every day for the duration of a pregnancy was not something I was interested in. That's when I jumped on the gummy bandwagon and haven't turned back. 
*Just as a a note, iron cannot be gummified. If you are looking for a prenatal vitamin that also contains iron, gummy vitamins are not for you.
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Stretch marks - nobody wants them. You will hear and read all sorts of products and home remedies for stretch marks, however the one thing that stood out to me was that stretch marks heavily relied on genetics and how quickly you put on the weight or how quickly you stretch your skin. To date, I haven't had to deal with stretch marks (besides my thighs from when I was a kid) and mostly I can thank a healthy diet-ish and good genes. But my stretching skin was beyond irritated most days and extremely itchy. This sensitive, unscented lotion helped loads and I continue to slather it all over my body today. 

The second half of my first trimester, A and I were living in a tiny hotel and every scent made my stomach turn. Every. Single. Scent. And did I mention that the hotel room was tiny? The PooPourri spray helped a ton but then I became sick of that scent too. Sometimes you just can't win. 

Some evenings my stomach just didn't agree with me, but maybe that was due to all of the free food the hotel provided three nights a week. Between what I was eating and the feeling of being bloated all the time, I turned to peppermint tea. It definitely helped soothe an upset stomach and was comforting to drink.

Aversions: I could not for the life of me eat or cook with chicken. It was just an item that made my stomach turn. However, I was totally fine with chicken wings - probably because they were smothered in sauce. 

Cravings: I didn't have many cravings but I really enjoyed oatmeal, bagels, soups, and floats (Pepsi and vanilla bean frozen yogurt). 

As you can probably see from the list of products, I didn't deal with much nausea during the first trimester and I was pretty much able to live life as I did previously - without certain foods and drinks of course. If you've been pregnant or are currently pregnant, I'd love to know what products you loved during the first trimester. 

Have you tried any of these products?