a traveling Wife: Three Steps Towards A Toxin-Free Home

Three Steps Towards A Toxin-Free Home

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

It's a new year with new beginnings. Start your year off right by converting your home to a toxin-free home. This isn't something that needs to be done overnight, but you can follow these three steps to get you started with a toxin-free home. 

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At the start of every new year, it's a chance for a new beginning. Whether you are starting a new fitness journey, personal growth journey, or health journey (I talked loads about resolutions when I shared my candied almonds recipe), the beginning of a year is a fresh start.

Since A and I are expecting Baby Girl very, very soon, I've had a chance to reflect upon all of the toxins that can be found in our home. There are so many products that I use everyday that are filled with pure chemicals. They can't be good for our health and definitely won't be good for our newborn.

Three Steps Towards A Toxin-Free Home | www.atravelingwife.com | a-traveling-wife

Ever since becoming a subscriber with Grove Collaborative, I have been able to experiment with a ton of new products - some of my favorites being the natural cleaning products from brands like Mrs. Meyers and Method. Plus the convenience of Grove Collaborative is that they remember my favorite products so I don't fear running out of them. Each shipment is totally customizable and I only get what I want - I wish everything in life was that easy!

Join me in starting the new year out right by creating a toxin-free home. With just these three simple steps you are well on your way for creating a healthier environment for you and your family, which will likely lead to more happiness.
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Cleaning Products

Have you ever read the label on your favorite cleaning products. The smell alone is usually enough to tell you that these products can't be any good for us. There is an easy solution to using toxin-free cleaning products. Seventh Generation has many natural cleaning products or you can even make your own using vinegar or essential oils. When making your own cleaning products, I'd highly recommend using a glass spray bottle over a plastic one.

Shower Liners

If the budget doesn't allow for an entire bathroom remodel to install fancy glass doors for your shower or tub, swap out those vinyl shower curtains for fabric. The smell of a new vinyl shower curtain tends to stick around for several weeks thanks to VOCs. Plus the nice thing about a fabric shower liner is that they can easily be washed multiple times.


I have always been a fan of candles and I love having my house smell lovely. Candles bring a sense of warmth to a home and every time we have moved in the past, they help make me feel a home quicker. However, traditional candles are filled with dangerous benzene chemicals. You can easily swap out those chemical-filled candles for soy-based candles or diffuse some essential oils.

Three Steps Towards A Toxin-Free Home | www.atravelingwife.com | a-traveling-wife

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