a traveling Wife: Fishes - Anniversary Vacation Pt. 3

Fishes - Anniversary Vacation Pt. 3

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Today I bring to you all part 3 of our anniversary vacation that we recently took.
Be sure to go see part 1 and part 2 if you missed them.


We were told by so many people to go check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium and that we 
would not be disappointed. I had heard so many rave reviews that we planned on staying the whole day there. 
Side note - we have been to many other aquariums together and separate, so we had a lot to compare it to. 

The aquarium opened at 10am and we were going to preorder our tickets online in hopes of not having to wait in a line but we failed to do just that. We arrived just after 10am and there 
were roughly 15 families in front of us so the wait was not crazy. 

The first exhibit that you get to is the old sardine cannery I mean the aquarium is in Cannery Row
Hubby really liked that because food factories are his thing and he enjoyed 
looking at the machines this may have been the most exciting part for him.

The sardines are crazy creatures. 

We spent a long time at the penguin exhibit because I think they are just adorable. 
We were even able to watch the feeding and some of the penguins 
were looking for nesting material which was cute to see. 

The brighter fish were beautiful.

And there were a lot of jelly fish, considering they had a whole exhibit for them.

Because sardines were and are so big in this area, there were many areas of the 
aquarium dedicated to them. Just like behind us in this picture.

Then, we started getting bored and hungry. 
So we were trying to look for places where you could see our reflection.

We may have been bored and hungry but we still had to check out the seahorses. 

Overall, we had fun but we have definitely been to better aquariums elsewhere. 
There seemed to be a lot of empty space so maybe they are putting in new exhibits.

If you travel to the Monterey area, then give it a try if you are feeling up to it.

*Tomorrow is the final part of our anniversary vacation so look for that.