a traveling Wife: Rascal Flatts Concert - Anniversary Vacation Pt. 4

Rascal Flatts Concert - Anniversary Vacation Pt. 4

Friday, September 28, 2012

They say that your one year wedding anniversary gift should be paper. And I think we both stuck to that pretty well. 
I got hubby a book and and empty egg to crack open like this.

Hubby got me tickets to...

The Rascal Flatts Concert!!!!

To those of you who don't like country music you can just stop following me now kidding, of course.

Rascal Flatts was the first concert hubby and I went to as a couple 6 years ago oh ehm gee, so long ago.  
So it really meant a lot to me for him to buy me these tickets.

Also, our first dance as a married couple was to "I Won't Let Go". 
Even more reason to be excited for the concert.

I wanted to grace you with a few photos because the concert was amazing.
But the pictures are far from amazing.

There were four bands total which made it even better.

The first opener was Edens Edge.

Then came Eli Young Band.

Followed by Little Big Town.
There was a little bit of motor boatin' action.

Then finally, Rascal Flatts.

It was an AMAZING concert.


Now we are heading off to Yosemite for the weekend. 
I hope everyone has a safe and fantastic weekend.