a traveling Wife: Unleashed - Anniversary Vacation Pt. 2

Unleashed - Anniversary Vacation Pt. 2

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Today I bring you another post filled with loads of photos. 

Here is part 2 of my 4 part vacation recap. Yesterday I shared 
with you all our hotel room, so go check it out if you missed it.


The Hubby and I were so lucky to have such great beaches to visit with our puppy while we were at Monterey Bay. It was crazy how one particular beach would not allow dogs but if you walked 10 steps to a 
certain direction, dogs were allowed. It didn't make any sense to us.

Once we became a bit more familiar with the area, we knew where we could take Roxi and what beaches we could let her off her leash. But we didn't just visit the 
beaches with her, some days we went on our own to enjoy some quiet, alone time.

 Carmel Beach was amazing because Roxi could run free. She has never really been outside in public with her leash off and, of course, she did not know what to do. Her freedom lead to this...
 It was chilly the whole time we were on vacation but I could not complain because 
I have been dying to wear sweaters and you all know I love scarves.
 You could see the famous Pebble Beach Golf Course from Carmel Beach, 
where we planted out butts and the dog.
Of course, not all beaches were okay with dogs off their leash which is completely understandable because some people cannot control their dogs, us being one of them?. But our puppy didn't care. She liked to stalk the birds and then charge them.
 Like I said earlier, we occasionally went the the beach on our own not often though.
 The best part of our whole vacation was being able to walk a few feet from our room to be 
right on the ocean. After touring Monterey or Carmel, it was nice to return to 
our room and walk right out to the ocean to see the dolphins play.

Part 3 and 4 will be posted next week.

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  1. Wow...I can't believe the views. It looks like a beautiful trip and so special for your anniversary. Congratulations and all the best.


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