a traveling Wife: Wedding Anniversary Vacation Pt 1

Wedding Anniversary Vacation Pt 1

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I want to formally thank each and every one of you who read my posts while I was on vacation.
I really enjoyed putting together a week filled with the Hubby and 
I about our relationship, engagement, wedding day first look, ceremony, and reception.

Now that I am back from vacation, I want to share with you all how much fun we had.

I do not want to go crazy all in one post so I am going to break it down into four posts. 
I will post two this week and two next week so be on the lookout.

First post - Our hotel room and what we did at the resort.

Second post - The beaches that we visited.

Third post - Monterey Bay Aquarium because I took a ton of photos.

Fourth post - My anniversary present from the Hubby. 
If you follow me on twitter then you know what we did Thurs. Sept. 13th. But if you
 do not follow me there then you will have to wait til next week to find out.


We left for vacation Sunday the 9th and headed to the Monterey Bay area which is roughly 2.5 hours from our house and of course we brought out little puppy too because she is our child.

We stayed at The Sanctuary Beach Resort in Marina, Ca. It is a beautiful, secluded 
hotel that is right on the ocean and only 20 minutes from Monterey Bay, Cannery Row, and Carmel.

After we checked into the hotel, we were escorted to our room in a golf cart. Our room was attached to one other room in its own separate building that looked like this.

Outside our building was our own private golf cart to drive around on the premises. 
That's right, we had our own golf cart. And, it was my first time driving a golf cart.
Watch out!!
 Boy, oh boy, did I have fun driving this around.
 Hubby barely got a chance to drive because I always grabbed the keys first or when he
opened the 'door' for me I would slide all the way across to the drivers side.

The room, itself, was breathtaking. Cozy and warm from the 
fireplace I think the warmest it got was 70 degrees with an amazing view of the ocean.

 The bathrobes were really nice to have because the tiled floors were really cold in the morning.

And the view, you cannot beat it.
 Our door was always open.

On some of the days you could see dolphins or seals playing in the water 
or even pelicans diving for fish. Pretty amazing.

Roxi enjoyed the fresh air and playing in the sand.

The resort left us a nice little note congratulating us on our anniversary.

And on our anniversary, Monday the 10th, we enjoyed a bottle of 
wine and chocolate covered strawberries.
 And maybe some beers were enjoyed as well. You decide when you see the photo.
Hubby did not like taking pictures in this mirror. But I guess that is his usual happy face.

The resort had a restaurant on the premises that we had to try it out once because of their killer happy hour deals. But we enjoyed it so much we went back for a total of four times. The restaurant had Hawaiian American cuisine as well as sushi. Each day we had some appetizers and a sushi roll because the sushi was amazingly good.


  1. that looks awesome. i love your pup so cute!

  2. hey loving the blog found u on ww link party and now following xxxx

  3. OMG, that view!!! Oh I'm so happy for you guys that you had a nice little getaway for your anniversary! We loved our short time in Monterey & Carmel. And how sweet that you were able to take your pup! :)

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. Super cute blog! Loved looking through your photos! xx.


  5. Hi Jenn! I know I haven't been following your blog very long, but I love everything about it already!

    So much I decided to nominate you for a Liebster Award and mentioned you in my post today! =D



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