a traveling Wife: Do's and Don'ts to Blogging Vlog

Do's and Don'ts to Blogging Vlog

Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's that time of the month again...
No, I'm not talking about lady month times.

It's Chit Chat Thursday. The day I sit in from of a camera and film a vlog for you.
You never know what the vlogs will be about. It could be a house tour or just me talking.

This week I wanted to talk about the do's and don'ts to blogging.
Now these are just my own personal ideas of what I think is appropriate or not.
These are all items that I have learned along this journey of blogging.

Here we go.


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a traveling Wife
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  1. Good tips! I totally slack on responding to comments daily but try to catch up every few days.

  2. Great post!


  3. I kind of just love hearing you talk. :)

    Also, I used to be a rock star at replying to comments and e-mails, but ever since I started school, it's nearly impossible. I was faced with a choice: Do I respond to all these e-mails, or do I use that time to comment on other blogs? (Although sometimes I don't even have time for that.) In the end, I chose to sometimes comment on other blogs, because I still want others to know that I'm reading.

    Good tips overall! I love that you kept in all the "between" moments.

  4. I agree with your list. I do notice the followers that just join your site for giveaways only. I wish I could remove some of them because I feel like they don't even bother to comment on anything I've written.

  5. I think chit chat thursdays are the greatest idea ever and this is the best do & don't list I have heard. Seriously, just posting giveaways or sponsor ad's get so old and I get so annoyed with the no-reply blogger. Just hook up your e-mail to your blogger account people!!

  6. Loved your video and totally agree with all the points made. I also notice that a lot of bloggers just post to post, which can get really aggrivating as well. When I first started blogging I felt like I had to post every single day or at least five or six days a week. I finally realized that if you're just posting just to post, your content turns boring. I now only post a couple times a week, or when I have content that I know people will enjoy.

    Great tips overall & as corney as this sounds, I love your voice! LOL
    xo, Ashley


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