a traveling Wife: That was our weekend.

That was our weekend.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Every weekend just seems to get better and better after we moved in December.
I can't even say why. 

Maybe it is the fact that we no longer have moving boxes in the house. Maybe because all of our belongings have been put away and art is starting to go up on the walls. Maybe because we are starting to find shops and restaurants and places that we can be regulars at.

Whatever the reason is for having great weekends, I am one happy girl.

Friday I did a little shopping. Or a lot of shopping! However you look at it.
I bought some new goodies from Lush.

What are some of your favorite products from Lush?

On the way home from the store I stopped by our favorite brewery and filled up our growler.
Also, for those of you who didn't know, Friday was National Margarita Day. 
That meant we had beer and margaritas on Friday night.

Saturday started by getting our workout on. Hubby went for a run outside and I stayed in and did some HIIT. The cold weather and my asthma do not go well together.

After we got our sweat on and cleaned up we drove around this swanky neighborhood that is right by us. Million dollar houses are beautiful but I could not imaging spending that kind of money on something that I would need to clean daily. Plus, talk about utility bills. 
They were definitely some amazing homes but the neighborhood is one I would not call mature or developed. I like my trees!

We then hit up this cafe and pub to see what they were all about. You walk in the front and you can order your coffee but then if you walk to the back you can get your brewskis and cocktails. 
Pretty cool.

That little taster of beer in the background, worst thing ever!!! 
It was a smoked something or other and it was like liquid smoke.

On our way back home to make dinner, we stopped and picked up a movie as well as cheesecake for dessert. A Saturday night could not get much better than blankets, comfy couch, movie, and drinks.

Side story - We drove all over town trying to find the movie Ted and it was out at every redbox location. So we settled for What to Expect When You're Expecting
Warning: the movie will definitely make one have serious baby fever not myself but Hubby

Sunday we did the usual grocery shopping gig. Plus, we ended up finding the movie Ted!!
Spoiler alert: We did not like it!!

To finish off the weekend, Hubby wanted a dilly bar from DQ. 
Now let me tell you, I have never had a dilly bar in my life let alone heard of one.
So we put on our winter clothes and walked up to DQ with the puppy. 
We came home with a bright box full of cherry dilly bars.

I am not a huge fan of anything cherry and I would have preferred chocolate but I tried it...
I did N.O.T. like it. It was like eating ice cream dipped in cherry dimetapp. Awful.

That was our weekend. How was yours?


  1. I think this may be the first time I've seen a cherry Dilly Bar. I've seen plenty of the chocolate ones, but never cherry. I'll know to stay away from cherry now. Thanks!

  2. Yeah, the movie had the same effect on me :P


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