a traveling Wife: I Got Yelled At

I Got Yelled At

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello Monday! We meet again.

Every week is just another vicious cycle. But, things are changing folks. Just you wait.

As for the weekend. It was a very relaxed and carefree weekend. 
Oh, besides my lovely mugshot!!

Before you go getting any ideas, I am referring to my new drivers license id photo.
For some strange reason, Indiana must be a completely grumpy state because you are not allowed to smile showing your teeth for your id photo. Strange, very strange.

A and I went to BMV on Friday afternoon to take the driving knowledge exam and change over our vehicle titles and registration from California. After I passed the exam of course I couldn't fail I sat in front of the gorgeous blue screen to get my photo taken. 

I got comfortable, brushed my hair straight with my hands and gave the camera my best smile.

Immediately I got yelled at! 
"NO TEETH! Smile with you lips. Pull you hair behind you ears. Chin up. Don't move!" 
The lady was quite demanding. Not to mention, she had poor grammar. 

So I followed the rules after having a few bursts of laughter and I get this.
Thanks Indiana, that is the best photo. Ever.

The rest of the weekend went a little like this.
How was your weekend?

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  1. Ha ha yea, Indiana is weird about it, and I still can't figure it out. I got mine updated right before they put this rule into effect. Since I update mine online each time I still manage to have a smiling license. Hope I can keep it that way for awhile still!

  2. Hilarious...had no idea there were rules for license photos these days!

  3. Seriously? That's the weirdest rule ever. My California driver's license would've looked ok, but they put the stamp on the license over my face, so it looks like I have some weird skin disease. Ugh. You can't win, eh?


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