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Naughty Photos - Revolt Fitness

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

**Be warned**
This post contains photos of me nude in fitness gear. Read on to find out why!


Yesterday started a new journey for me.
Thanks to the team at Revolt Fitness for contacting me to be a part of the program.
Below is my motivation thanks to Nichole Huntsman's video.

I am walking away from my before life.
Learning the basics and adding to them.
I will become the expert.
You will see me be vulnerable, courageous, and I will become stronger.
Along this journey I will most likely make mistakes.
But in the end, I will suck less.

Watch Nichole's video.

I want to take you all along with me on this journey.
I am changing my diet and fitness routine to follow right along with the program.
By diet, I am not starving myself. I am actually stuffing my face - with good food.
So in the next 12 weeks you will be getting a face full of fitness talk on here.

If there is anything special that you want me to share like the food or my favorite workouts or how I stay motivated, let me know so I can include those things.

Now that I am well into the second day of the program, I am going to let you in on my naughty photos. Don't get too excited as I am not at all pleased with the pictures.
Let this be known that I shed my clothes only to show you the progress that is going to be made.
And if there is no progress, so help me!

First, here are my stats.

And now, for the photo. You've been warned many times.

Now that this has been put on the internet I guess I have no excuses.

Have you participated in any fitness programs before?

*Revolt Fitness is allowing me to participate in the 
program at no charge so long as I share weekly posts. 
All thoughts, opinions, and results are my own.


  1. Ballsy! You are also a skinny little thing! Looking forward to reading along.

  2. Props to you for sharing your photos!! You look great already, so can't wait to see the after photos!


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