a traveling Wife: Body Image Truths

Body Image Truths

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yesterday I shared with you the new journey that I have started in my life. 
But today I want to talk about the truth about my body - not just weight loss.

I really don't have too many crazy quirks about my body physically.
I have all my fingers, toes, two arms, and two legs.

There is one part of my physical appearance that drives me absolutely crazy.
I use makeup and extreme body angles when taking pictures to hide this feature.

Most people say they don't even notice it unless I point it out.
That must be because of my hard work to cover the issue.

Have you noticed it yet? I'm sure you have.
What part of my physical appearance drives me crazy?

See it here?
or here?
 or here?

You will see it on this one.
I like to call it lazy-eye syndrome.
Yup, I might be overdramatic but that bit of extra skin over my left eye gives me heart palpitations.

Do you have any weird body quirks or annoying body features?

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  1. aww its def just you! but i so know where you are coming from.. i feel like that about my arms.. im like why do they look so fat, take another picture lol.

  2. I can't see it. At all. Seriously! But we all have those things about ourselves that drive us nuts. If that's all you've got then I say work it girl! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. you're such a goon! even after you pointing it out i still don't see anything! you look great in all of those pictures (even the first one. how do you do that?). but i'm happy you joined the link up! even though i feel like a genetic mess compared to your "lazy eye syndrome" that doesn't even exist... :)

  4. actually I couldn't see anything until you said it! it's not obvious at all! and you're so beautiful!

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha I kept looking and saying "I can't find anything". You are gorgeous, and I never would have noticed had you not said anything.

  6. I totally wouldn't have noticed, either.

    No one in the world but me can tell, not even my mom, but my right cheek is slightly puffy, when compared to my left. It's from the horrible trauma of getting my impacted wisdom teeth out in 2004! It bugs me endlessly and I feel so self conscious about it.


  7. Not lying - I seriously cannot tell what you're talking about in those photos. But, we all have those weird little quirks about ourselves that drive us mad. don't get me started.. lol


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