a traveling Wife: Demolishing A Whole Plate Of Bacon

Demolishing A Whole Plate Of Bacon

Monday, May 6, 2013

The weekend is already over? I cannot believe it. I always enjoy sleeping in, spending time with A sitting on the couch, and downing a couple of cocktails.

But what made this weekend even better, besides celebrating Cinco de Mayo, was having A's college friend/best friend/best man spend the weekend at our house.

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo very lightly yesterday with only guacamole and salsa - no margaritas. 
I so badly wish I had a margarita but Indiana does not allow the sale/purchase of alcohol on Sunday and I was far to lazy (or active riding 10 miles on my bike) to go to the bar. Indiana, us drunks would like to purchase alcohol err day.
So I am feeling refreshed and energized this Monday with no hangover. Yippie!

Here is how the rest of the weekend looked.

Friday was spent catching up with our houseguest while A had to work. I picked up a big meaty steak and some veggies to make a delicious dinner. All boys love steak, right?!
Do not let that photo fool you. There is well over 2lbs of steak to feed an army of three.

After dinner, we headed down the street to our favorite pub. 
A Friday night cannot get any better than drinks, sports games, and chatting it up with a great bartender.

Saturday was really relaxed. After we demolished a plate full of bacon and a few eggs we took the pups out for a walk. For those of you that do not remember, our friend has a husky that somewhat does not get along well with my little baby. 

Because walking dogs is such a strenuous activity and bacon can only give you so much energy, we were ready to go grab some lunch.

We devoured some wings and pizza as if I was not supposed to be making a lifestyle change.
It was our friend's first time in Indianapolis so we gave him a little tour via car of the city.
He had only just driven across the country for his move from the West coast to the Midwest and his vehicle cabin fever was starting to rub off on us. Talk about raunchy jokes and a bunch of nonsense.

We all finally escaped from the car and decided a bike ride would be a good idea. But an even better idea was to ride our bikes to go get ice cream - we are geniuses. 

The remainder of Saturday was spend watching the Red Wings game. Too bad they lost.
Side note - all three of us are from Michigan.

Our houseguest left early Sunday morning to finish the last part of his adventure to his new home.
A and I then rode our bikes to breakfast. I mean if you are going to eat something like this you need to do some exercise before and after. White chocolate macadamia nut pancake with banana butter.

Once again, you would never know that I am eating clean and losing weight. 
But the rest of the day was spent mentally beating myself up for how bad I treated my body over the weekend and loving on this little pooch.

How was your weekend? Did you celebrate Cindo de Mayo?