a traveling Wife: Let's Celebrate [Revolt Fitness Week 2]

Let's Celebrate [Revolt Fitness Week 2]

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My new life has begun just over a week ago - Revolt Fitness life, that is. 
If you missed my first post where I scared you all with an ugly image, you should probably go check that out. Otherwise, today is my week one recap of how things are going with the program.

Let's start with the workouts, shall we?

One of my favorite parts about the Revolt program is that you can do everything from home. That is including all the meals and all of the workouts. Because if we are talking extra money, I am out!

Week One's workouts were great. Monday, Thursday and Saturday were complete cardio circuits. Each day took me less than 30 minutes to achieve sweat all over my body. 

Tuesday was lower body exercises. I have been doing a ton of HIIT exercises before even joining the program and it seems that almost all HIIT included a ton of lower body moves at least the workouts I was doing. So it wasn't that hard on my body even though it got my blood moving and sweat flowing.

Friday was upper body day. Can I just say I am a girl and I have absolutely no upper body strength. I can hardly pour milk out of a one gallon jug! My arms were tired, sore, and about to fall off.

Overall, the workouts were great and I can feel my body maintaining more energy throughout the day. I can recap more of the workouts for week 2 next week if you would like.

How about the food? I love food and I loved what I was eating.
Most of the other bloggers that I started my uprising beginning of the program with detoxed.
Detoxing was optional and aimed at eliminating sugar from your diet. 
While I love eggs, spinach, and bananas, my body would not move from the bed if I ate a banana every day. I have latex-food allergy syndrome. Please tell me someone knows something about this! 
So I opted to follow the regular diet plan. 

Do not be confused with the word diet here. In no way was I depriving my body of food. In fact, I was stuffing my face almost every 2 hours - literally. I had all three meals plus two snacks and dessert.
This is my kind of program!!!
Here is what my food looked like.
Looks yummy, doesn't it?

Here is what you have been waiting for. My stats starting into week 2.
Whoop whoop!! Let's party with a bottle of wine gallon of water. 
I am assuming that most of my weight lost from week one was due to water weight.
You can only go to the bathroom so many times during 
the day and night while drinking a gallon of water per day. 

I don't have any improved photos for you this week. Not much has changed that can be physically noticed. But don't fret, more scary photos are coming your way.

What are some of your favorite at home exercises?
What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?

*Revolt Fitness is allowing me to participate in the 
program at no charge so long as I share weekly posts. 
All thoughts, opinions, and results are my own.


  1. new follower from the friend connect hop!

  2. Awesome results girly! I will be doing my weigh in on thursdays

  3. Great job! I'm absolutely loving this program.

  4. I totally prefer to exercise outside. Now, with the nice weather is easier!

  5. Good job! Keep up the good work.

  6. I didn't detox either. only because I'm a rebel ;). keep up the good work!

  7. I skipped the detox too, I did no carbs right before and felt that was enough detoxing. Love that I can eat again on this diet.


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