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Dirty Little Secret

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Hump Day to you. I want to do a little something different today.
I have seen so many new faces and names pop up in my comments section.
This makes me so very happy and I love seeing each and every one of you.

But here is the thing. A lot of these new faces I don't know who you are. I don't know if you are a blogger, finding me through pinterest, or coming over from a blog I sponsor. No matter the reason you are here, I want to get to know you.

So today I welcome a reader meet and greet.
Come share anything you want to share because I want to get to know each of you.

Are you married? Do you have kids? Or fur-children? Do you like to cook or bake? Are you into fitness? Tell me you dirty little secrets!!

I will respond to you via email or hunt you down some way. Please feel free to share your blog link so I can go stalk you because I am creepy like that.

Also, make sure to tune in tomorrow to see a very, very, very special guest on my Chit Chat Thursday vlog.


  1. Hi I'm Erin! I am not married. I don't have kids. I am not a fur-mom. I don't like to cook or bake. And I am not into fitness. Why do you like me again?

  2. Hello I'm Carlisa! I am not married but have an amazing bf and we do not have kids YET! I Don't have pets cause i hate dog hair. I love trying new things, always open to new adventures. Love traveling anddddddddddddd not sure what esle to say!

    I am awesome i guess!


  3. Hullo! I'm Susie Q - blogger, fiance, beancounter extraordinaire (as if). I work hard, play h... well, moderately. I'm a homebody at heart! I'd rather stay at home, reading blogs than dance in clubs with a £10 drink in my hand. Besides, imagine what Nichole would say about all that sugar! (yes, I'm a part of Revolt as well; that's how I got here!)

    Unfortunately I have no dirty secrets to share - I'm such a blabbermouth that nothing stays a secret long. Sometimes I just wish my brain would connect before my mouth opens...

    I can be found at: http://www.sweetindiscreet.com


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