a traveling Wife: Showing The Scale Who Is Boss

Showing The Scale Who Is Boss

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Real quick, let me just take you back three weeks from today when I posted this about starting the Revolt Fitness program.

I am walking away from my before life.
Learning the basics and adding to them.
I will become the expert.
You will see me be vulnerable, courageous, and I will become stronger.
Along this journey I will most likely make mistakes.
But in the end, I will suck less.

Well, last week I certainly made mistakes I can recognize. Things will change and I am making myself accountable once again. Some of the mistakes I made was not following the meal plans as they are designed in the program. I enjoyed a few sneaky bites of Nutella or a little snack here and there. Also, my cheat day rolled into the entire weekend because we had a guest over. That meant lots of alcohol and chips and other goodies. 

When I stepped on the scale on Friday morning of last week I was slightly disappointed. But I knew that I might still see some progress when it came to taking my body fat percentage or my measurements. 
So lets discuss the stats first.
My stats show that I am making progress from week one but they have gone up from week two. But in the end, I have lost a total of 3 inches and that makes a huge difference compared to just looking at what the scale tells me. While I was discouraged about gaining back 0.5lbs from week 2, I know that improvements are being made by shedding some inches.

I am going to spew off a few more statistics prepare yourself. 
My total body weight is 126 lbs and I have 29.5% body fat. That means my lean body mass is 88.8 lbs and that leaves me with 37.2 lbs body fat. When I started Revolt my total body weight was 127.5 lbs with 30.1% body fat. That left me with 88.4 lbs lean body mass and 39.1 lbs body fat. 

We have all heard the saying that muscle weighs more than fat and that is absolutely true. That means, the scale might be saying one thing but you can clearly see from the number that I am losing fat and replacing it with muscle.

Okay, so now that my head hurts from doing all that math and now that you are bored to death - lets get to the fun stuff. Below are my comparison photos from the start date of the program to the beginning of week three.
Notice a difference? 

I'm going to finish up this week's recap with what I have been eating during week two of the Revolt program.
This is just a portion and only 90% of it comes directly from the program. The other 10% are items I chose.

That's all I have for now. Next week I will focus a little more on the workouts because those are a ton of fun. Seriously!!

How are you doing with your healthy lifestyle choices?

*Revolt Fitness is allowing me to participate in the 
program at no charge so long as I share weekly posts. 
All thoughts, opinions, and results are my own.


  1. Your food choices look delicious! And you look fantastic! It's amazing what 3 weeks can do.

  2. Keep it up! The salmon and chicken look delish :)

  3. The food looks great! You should share some of those on here for us to try :)

    Also great improvment so far!

  4. You know, I thought you had a nice figure before, but there's definite tightening going on there & you're looking even more lovely!

    Well done!

  5. Looking great, chica! I'm going to be living through your weight loss vicariously, because there isn't any weight loss in the near future for me, lol.

  6. nice job! I can't wait to do my body fat again to see the change!

  7. I can definitely see a difference. Glad you're doing so well. All of that food looks yummy! I'm currently on Pinterest, trying to find new, healthy recipes. :)

  8. You look great! I need to focus so much more on what I eat which means I need to go on the hunt for some new recipes! Those look good though!

  9. There is certainly a difference! Way to go!


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