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Real Awkward

Monday, May 13, 2013

Yet again, I bring you another weekend recap. Typical me, I know.

But this weekend, A and I had a ton of fun with really no plans. Plus we are kind of on a spending freeze or kind of budgeting how we spend our money. So it was fun to try and do activities that don't cost too much money. Be prepared for a ton of photos.

Friday evening was spent working out and then relaxing on the couch. A picked up a beautiful orchid for me for Mother's Day.
I can still celebrate even though I am only a fur-mom.
Can I just say that the Coconut Leaves candle from Bath and Body works is absolutely amazing?! I mean if you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, then you will love it as well.

Saturday morning we woke up and got our fitness on. Then we baked up a delicious strawberry french toast because we wanted to take full advantage of our cheat day.
We then got some stuff done around the house, took Roxi to play in the high school field that we live by, then left to go look at a new used car. Even though we are not really in the market for a new car, A still likes to look. I find it really nice that we do not have a car payment and I don't think I could really adjust to go back to paying one monthly.

After wasting our time by looking at a junk of a car, we heading to grab some grub. This week I was having a serious craving for sushi and knew the only day I could eat it was Saturday.
We definitely ate up that sushi. I had to top off the rest of lunch by walking across the street from the sushi restaurant to get a Starbucks coffee. Now you might be wondering how we managed to grab lunch and coffee even though we are budgeting what we spend. Here's a few tips 1) we had sushi for lunch when they offer lunch specials and one dollar beers and 2) I had a free Starbucks beverage from watching tv (go watch tv and get free gift cards). So there you have it, sushi and Starbucks for under $30.
With our full bellies and caffeinated bodies, we went home and took a power nap. A then went outside to do some maintenance work on his car and I wrote up the grocery list. This is super exciting stuff people. 

Sunday was the most fun yet not much happened.
Our cheat day kind of rolled on into Sunday and I am okay with that.
We started Mother's Day by eating a whole box of munchkins. Like I said, really exciting things are happening.
Then we did a little bit of grocery shopping and playing with Roxi in the field again. But this time when we were in the field, I finally was able to cut some lilacs off the lilac bush to fill my house.
There is nothing I love better than to have fresh flowers in the house and lilacs have the best smell.
Now only if those suckers would last longer than 5 days and I would be one happy camper.
We finished Sunday off with taking a 10 mile bike ride. I think we were both feeling a little guilty about eating an entire box of donut holes and the amount of beer that was consumed during the weekend.
Oh yeah, I also got my shit stuff together and finally filmed a vlog with A. Things can get real awkward when filming a video with your husband just saying.

How was your weekend?


  1. Love photos!! Your orchid is really pretty. I've never grown one and always admire people who do.

    I'm going to have to check out that candle. I love coconut anything!

  2. I love ALL of this! especially the overload on whipped cream and the sushi. OH and I tried that app out but it's just too much for me to check in at every show I watch haha. That is how lazy I am...

  3. Fur moms are totally allowed to celebrate :)

  4. That french toast looks amazing... ok, so do those munchkins! yum!

  5. I miss lilacs so much! They just dont grow down here in the South. Their smell can fill any room (or house).


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