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Monday, May 20, 2013

I bet you don't care to hear about my 4 mile walk or my 14 mile bike ride that happened this weekend.
I also doubt that you care to read me blabbing typing on about my intake of Sam Adam's or my mourning breakfast of power protein waffles. But if you do care about any of the above, you can probably catch what happened on my Twitter or Instagram.

I do have a story that would probably interest you. Or it might even make you think I am a crazy person. Which I am!! 
This story involves some teeny-boppers in cheerleading uniforms.
Do I have your attention yet?

So A and I were in the car on our way home from some where. We were driving down a main road and there were a group of girls teeny-boppers in cheerleading uniforms walking on the sidewalk. One of those said teeny-boppers decided it might be funny, or maybe she was serious, to stick her thumb out to hitchhike.

I looked over at A and said, "You should probably pull over and pick up those girls. I will teach them a lesson to not ever hitchhike again." This is where you can think I am crazy.

No we did not pick up the girls! But it makes me sad to see that young girls, in cheerleading uniforms or not, are joking about hitchhiking. Who knows if someone would have taken them seriously. There are too many scary people out there in the world not matter how nice of the city is you live in.

When if I have children, I hope I can teach them better than that. Either way, I wish I could have taught those teeny-boppers a lesson.

How do you feel about the situation?

How was your weekend?


  1. Hitchhiking scares the bejesus out of me, but I remember WANTING TO DO IT when I was younger. Like pre-teen younger so I blame it on my pea brain not being fully developed yet. But WTF?

  2. Hitchhiking is fairly common in lots of other places, it's just such a shame we have to be so scared of it in the 'States. Although, it's rather a common mode of transportation for people hiking the Appalachian Trail. So it's rather normal in some American locations as well.

    You can meet so many unique people, not to mention get where you need to go for free/cheap. I really don't think it's quite as dangerous as people's imaginations make it out to be, especially when hitchhiking in numbers.

  3. I'm not going to lie....I was dying to see what you were going to do after picking them up to teach them a lesson hahaha

  4. I am following the trail journals of several long distance hikers right now, and it is common for them to hitchhike in and out of towns to shower.re-supply. While it worries me, I think I would do the same thing in their situation... after walking for 30 miles a day, I would want a break too!

    That being said, it isn't behavior I would ever encourage in a teenager. Boy or girl.

  5. While I'm sure you would meet a lot of really decent people, there's also the chance that you're not. The not is what scares me.


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