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Show Me Your Money

Friday, May 17, 2013

Budgeting. It's what we all should be doing but rarely do. Or we try and do it but fail miserably.

Sometimes we get carried away and think that we really need to enjoy a dozen or so beers at the bar and pay that hefty tab. Or maybe we really needed five sushi rolls and Starbucks to finish it off. Or maybe, just maybe, we needed to pick up 20 pairs of undies and 5 new bras from Victoria's Secret because we wear them everyday. Those we's might just be me but maybe you can relate.

Anyhoo, A and I decided that we needed to take budgeting seriously. Because when only one person is working for an income and the other just goes out and spends it all, savings become minimal.
Okay, I don't spend ALL the money but I could definitely cut back.

I found this app called EEBA which we like to call her Eeeee-baaa, like Eve from the Disney movie WALL-E. I use my little friend religiously for groceries, gas, dining out, and of course we have an envelope for alcohol. You can also access your account via a computer and set up multiple devices to one account.

There are probably a bajillion other apps and websites that allow you to set budgets just like Eeeee-baaa, but I just love the little envelope face with money spewing out the top.
She's cute, right?

Besides the cute happy face, you can also get a sad, disgruntled face if you spend too much money for the week. 
Yes, we set our weekly grocery budget at $100 and do pretty damn well at keeping it around $100!
Oh, that face!!

If you are interested in hearing more about how we budget our money, let me know and I can write up another post about it. Here's a little sneak peek - we set aside $30 for alcohol alone. *gasp*

Do you budget by using an app?

Did you get a chance to see A on my vlog yesterday?

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  1. That is really cool! I might check it out! Any budgeting tips would be great! :) I am not great at budgeting, but love money saving tips! :D It is no way I can keep our groceries under 100 dollars a week, well done! :)


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