a traveling Wife: Vlog + Nutritional Supplement Review

Vlog + Nutritional Supplement Review

Thursday, May 30, 2013

*Ad - Vitacost.com sent me 6 nutritional supplements to test and review. All opinions are 100% my own and I was not compensated in any other way.

You probably know by now with my Tuesday recap posts that I have been really into fitness and my health or more so getting buff. When I was given the opportunity to review some sports nutritional supplements from Vitacost I was all about it. In the past whenever I got all crazy into fitness, the only addition I really added to my normal routine was protein powder after exercising. I had no idea that you could take a slew of products to help optimize your workout and results. And ladies, this stuff isn't going to make you all beefy or manly, just saying.
When I received a huge box of 6 sports nutritional containers I was a little freaked out. What does this do? When am I supposed to take this? Will it taste good? But after a little research I was excited to start trying the products.

Now the fun part. Let me just answer the taste portion honestly with this little vlog here - considering it is Chit Chat Thursday and all.
Now that you really know how I feel about the taste, which I was completely surprised with, lets move on to the products. First thing that stood out to me about the entire ARO Black Series is that the products are all gluten free, they have no artificial dyes and there are no hidden ingredients. That's pretty cool, right? Another fun fact, ARO stands for attack, recover, and optimize. Here are the products that I tried...

ARO Black Series Glutamine in Natural Fruit Punch ($14.99 for 6.3 oz)
Glutamine is used for post workout recovery and helps against muscle fatigue. It also promotes a positive nitrogen balance and prevents muscle loss. 

Taste - The fruit punch flavor is a light refreshing flavor. It is definitely an easy supplement to drink.
Mixability Is that a word? Just go with it. - The fine powder mixed up really well with my milk frother. There were no clumps but per usual for supplemental powders, it settles and must be remixed while drinking.
Effectiveness - I didn't notice a huge difference in my post workout recovery. I am going to continue to use the product to see if I can get a different effect from taking it over a longer period of time.

Overall, I give the glutamine an 8 out of 10 and I might repurchase it when mine is gone.

ARO Black Series Pre-Workout Concentrate in Pink Lemonade ($19.99 for 7.4 oz)
Essentially the pre-workout concentrate is an herbal and caffeinated energy drink to help you from slowing down.

Taste - This one was one of my favorites. I really enjoy the flavor and I would pretty much buy any product in that flavor if it was available.
Mixability again, pretend this is a word! - The powder mixed up without any issues but it does tend to settle while drinking.
Effectiveness - With a boost in energy and some pep in my step I was able to really get into the workouts even on the days I wanted nothing more than to sit on the couch watching awful reality tv.

Overall, I give the pre-workout concentrate a 10 out of 10 and would definitely repurchase.

ARO Black Series Creatine in Natural Blue Razz ($12.99 for 6.3 oz)
Creatine can be used to increase lean body mass, increase muscle strength, as well as help you push through high intensity exercises.

Taste - The flavor was pretty good, not too overpowering and not to watery. I definitely did not find it offensive.
Mixability - Surprise, surprise! I had no issues mixing this powder but it did tend to settle.
Effectiveness - Let me tell you, I could push through those last few reps of a long, hard workout like it was nobodies business. I did truly feel more energized during workouts that I was really not into. Whether that be from the glutamine alone or along with some of the other products, I was pleased.

Overall, I give the creatine a 10 out of 10 and I will be repurchasing this once mine is gone.

ARO Black Series Casein in Natural Chocolate ($23.99 for 2lb)
Casein is a slow digesting product that allows for delayed amino acid release. This results in a more consistent amount of nutrition over a longer period of time.

Taste - Just watch the video above!! I prefer to no drink this product with water alone. I find it much more tolerable made into a shake or frosty by adding ice to the mixture and blending. The flavor is actually quite tasty but the texture is not for me - it has a pudding consistency.
Mixability - Due to it's thickness, I had a difficult time mixing the powder in just water alone with my milk frother. I bet there wouldn't be any problems if you used a proper mixing ball.
Effectiveness - Because I have been experimenting with different ways for me to tolerate the drink, I have not noticed any differences yet. But I will continue using this product to see if I can get any other effects by using it over a longer period of time.

Overall, I have to give this guy a 6 out of 10 simply because of the texture. But if I were to make it as a frosty, then I give it an 8 out of 10. Make the frosty! You won't regret it.

ARO Black Series Amino + in Natural Lemon Lime ($21.75 for 14.6 oz)
The Amino+ helps maintain lean muscle mass, helps you achieve optimal results during exercise, and aids muscle tissue from breakdown.

Taste - Again, just watch the video above. This one is one that I just cannot stomach. We all have our own preferences, right? Now on the other hand, A doesn't mind the taste - to each their own.
Mixability - No issues here in the mixing department. Once mixed, the drink is quite frothy but nothing to note besides that.
Effectiveness - I cannot say whether or not this one is effective or not. Like I said, I just cannot put my big girl panties on a chug it down. Sorry!

Overall, I prefer not to give this one a rating. That would not be fair at all!!

ARO Black Series Whey Protein Complex+ in Chocolate Peanut Butter ($19.75 for 2lb)
Whey protein seems to be the one product that most everyone working out knows about. It promotes exercise performance, helps to maintain lean muscle mass and helps with muscle recovery.

Taste - With the powder and water alone, the taste is not bad. I prefer to make an after workout shake with ice, water, natural peanut butter, and the whey powder. It is amazing!
Mixability - No huge issues here. It is a thicker consistency and requires a little more blending if you are like me using a milk frother.
Effectiveness - I didn't really notice a huge difference from this product alone. But in conjunction conjunction junction, what's your function?!! I noticed my lean body mass has been changing.

Overall, I have to give this one an 8 out of 10. I liked the flavor but prefer vanilla flavor whey powder because I can mix in more items for a shake. You can find vanilla flavor in the ARO Black Series here.

If you are interesting in learning more about the ARO Black Series, click here to watch their video.


  1. I need to show this review to my husband! I'm sure he would be very interested.

  2. I must say, I love exercising and all, but I am bad...I don´t use any supplement! :) Anything chocolate put me off, but pink lemonade one looks good! :)


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