a traveling Wife: Battle of Boxes - Part 3

Battle of Boxes - Part 3

Friday, June 21, 2013

Today I bring you another subscription box!
Every week I am unboxing and reviewing some type of subscription box to see what is the best box(es) out there. Make sure to read about it here if this is your first time seeing the series.

*My Cotton Bunny sent me a free box to review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

I still cannot get over the fact that there are subscription boxes for the time of the month. I mean, it's totally a great idea right? Unless you have some medical issue or are just a freak we all get greeted with our little friend once a month. So why not take advantage of the convienience of having your supplies party poppers hand delivered right to your door.

That means no more awkward glances at the check out lane, no more asking your spouse to go to the store to come back with some depends because they didn't know what they were buying, and no more going to the bathroom only to find out you ran out of tampons.
My Cotton Bunny is just that, a time of the month subscription box. I absolutely love their logo and think it is super girly.
One thing that is great about My Cotton Bunny is that they do not buy their hygiene products in bulk, instead they sent out factory sealed products in the box.
 Also, My Cotton Bunny tries to support local and smaller companies (like Kerfluffles marshmallows).
Here is what I received along with the price.
U by Kotex (qty 18) = $4.99
Honey Stix (qty 2) = $0.17
Kerfluffles Marshmallows (1/2 dozen) = $3.50
Hair Clips = cost is unknown, maybe $6.50
When you subscribe to My Cotton Bunny you can choose whether you want pads or tampons and from brands like Kotex, Tampax, Always, Playtex, and o.b. You will also receive a treat and gift to help make you week a little better even though sometimes a million dollars wouldn't make that week better.

I think My Cotton Bunny is a pretty cool subscription box because I am all about supporting smaller companies.

Have you ever heard of this subscription box?
Would you subscribe to it?


  1. thats kind cool... but i think they could of put a little more in there.

  2. You know, I kind of don't read reviews typically or I'm not that into them, but I really enjoy yours!! I guess I just feel like from your vlogs and stuff that you're honest and telling it like it is, plus you're thorough too! And I never knew they had packages for stuff like this! Just thought I'd mention it! :)



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