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Favorite Vacation - Sneak Peek

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I am totally envisioning myself on the most extravagant vacation right now. Why is that? Because I am guest posting over on Holly's blog while she is away on her vacation. Of course I had to post about my favorite vacation which I guess isn't all that extravagant but is a must see destination if you have never been before.

That location isn't my favorite vacation because of the weather, or the beach, or even the shops because this spot doesn't have any of those. But it is my favorite vacation because of the memories and the views are pretty spectacular.
Here is just a glimpse of what you can find over at Back Home Again.
Now I am going to go enjoy some kind of fruity cocktail and pretend I am bathing out in the sun somewhere. That is the ideal vacation, right?
What is your favorite vacation spot?

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  1. Pretty photo! My favorite vacation would be Hawaii or Morocco, I think.


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