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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

*Ad - Revolt Fitness is allowing me to participate in the program at no charge so long as I share weekly posts. All thoughts, opinions, and results are my own.*

Just call me Slacker McSlackster. For real, fitness was put of the back burner last week. I did really well with the eating but fitness turned into lifting up the TV remote and sitting my not so fit butt on the couch. I was able to get two really good workouts in during the week but I regretted them both after. The first one was on Thursday and I workout out before work. That meant that one hour after arriving to work I was starving. I could have eaten my fist if I had some salt to add to it. The second workout I did was a lower body workout on Saturday morning. By the end of the day I could feel the pain that my muscles would be feeling the next day. Sure enough, trying to sit on the toilet or walk up three flights of stairs to the bedroom were impossible on Sunday.

Two of my favorite meals from the week were chicken salad and hummus for lunch and raspberry yogurt and granola for breakfast.
Chicken Salad recipe below
recipe below
This week I am changing up the meals a bit and am not following Revolt Fitness's diet at all, although I am maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here is what I will be eating. As usual, most meals will be repeated once or twice during the week.
Revolt Fitness has really taught me the importance of balancing meals and of course the meal prep has saved my life since getting a job. I do like to change up my meals a lot more than eating the same thing all week and I do like experimenting in the kitchen. But as long as I am smart about the meals I am making then my fitness lifestyle shouldn't fall behind at all.

Do you cook a different meal each day or eat the same thing once or twice during the week?


Chicken Salad Recipe
serves 4

- 2 boneless/skinless chicken breasts
- 6 oz plain greek yogurt
- garlic powder (your desired amount)
- salt (your desired amount)
- fresh cracked black pepper (your desired amount)
- handful of chopped pecans
- handful of dried cranberries
- handful of grapes, cut in half

- In a small crockpot, place in chicken and salt and pepper. Cook on high for 2-4 hours or low for 6-8 hours.
- Once chicken is cooked shred with two forks.
- Mix shredded chicken with greek yogurt and seasonings. Then add in remaining ingredients.
- Allow chicken salad to chill before eating.
- Enjoy!

Raspberry Yogurt and Granola Recipe
one serving

- 3 oz raspberry greek yogurt
- vanilla protein powder
- handful of no sugar granola
- handful of mini chocolate chips
- fresh raspberries

- Mix yogurt and protein powder together.
- Stir in all other ingredients accept for fresh raspberries.
- Top with fresh raspberries.
- Enjoy!


  1. mmm that raspberry yogurt & granola recipe looks so good!

  2. It looks so good, especially the granola! :)


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