a traveling Wife: I'm Back... Not For Long

I'm Back... Not For Long

Monday, August 19, 2013

Well hello there, we meet again! I almost forgot how to even log in to Blogger to write a post.
My extended break away from my cyber-home has been pretty amazing. Here is just a few things that have happened over the last two weeks.
Now here come the serious questions...

Why did you take a two week break from blogging?
Let's face it, I needed the break. Like bad!

Are you back to your normal scheduling?
No. Do you really need an explanation?

Are you still going to blog?

Honestly, I am going to extend my blogging break for now. You may notice some changes coming very shortly in the next few months. There are some really great things happening right now and I just need some time away. While I am away on my blogging hiatus, I will be rebranding my little cyber-home.

You just wait, great things are to come. If you decide to stick around - I will love you forever. You can still find me on Twitter and Instagram. At the end of the day, I miss interacting through my blog but a break is needed for my sanity. Any guesses on the big exciting news?!

TTFN - See you real soon!


  1. Does it involve giving up alcohol? :-)

  2. I'm just going to hope it's a baby, because babies kinda rock. :-P


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