a traveling Wife: Sweatin' Sunday* - Work it Out

Sweatin' Sunday* - Work it Out

Sunday, November 16, 2014

This week is a difficult week and I am out of town taking care of some family business. Due to not having access to my home weights or work gym, I must rely on body weight workouts. Who is ready to join me?
Dive bombers are my worst enemy! They hurt so bad and are so hard to do. I will continue to try to add them to my workouts because they say practice makes perfect. I am hoping for practice makes muscle?! Don't know how to do dive bombs, go here. 

Hate love handles? I suggest lots and lots of windmills. They hurt soo good the next day!

As always, I have no education in fitness. These are just workouts that I like to do and have compiled from many programs I participated in. Enjoy and get your sweat on!