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The Perfect Marriage

Monday, February 16, 2015

I am sitting here looking out the window to a winter wonderland, reminiscing about the weekend. The one weekend of the year that is dedicated to love. Did you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day?

February 14th is a day that makes us conscious of showing and sharing our love. We might buy ourselves or our significant other a special present - chocolates, jewelry, or go out to dinner. It's a day of love that should be celebrated more days than just one.

A planned an afternoon of surprises. He made reservations at a BBQ joint that has the absolute best spicy moscow mule then we went to the movies. It was really a wonderful evening, until... A was playing with his wedding band during the movie and somehow it slipped right out of his hands. Here we are sitting in a dark room with theater style seats and he looks at me, "I just dropped my ring." My heart dropped and I began to sweat. Mind you, this is not the first time A has 'misplaced' his ring. In fact, he now has a replacement ring, but no ring will be the same as the one we exchanged our vows to.

We sat there completely distracted from the movie and asked ourselves if we should get on our hands and knees and start crawling around on the floor. You know, those creepy people that others call the security guard in for. This is exactly what A did and he could not find the ring in our aisle. We waiting until the end of the movie when a majority of the crowd left and they cranked those bright lights on. Luckily, he asked the group in front of us if they could check below their seats. It was there! Yippee!

At this point it didn't matter because I was still upset. And this is how today's post came about - how to have the perfect marriage.

the perfect marriage

There is no PERFECT marriage.
This is what makes being married fun. There will be good times and there will be bad. It is important to put more weight on the good and treat the bad as a lesson.

DO NOT compare your marriage to others.
What makes your marriage so special is the uniqueness of it. The relationship between you and your spouse is a snowflake - no two are exactly the same. Sure you might argue more than your coworkers or friends, but you might also love harder than their relationship. Once you stop comparing, you can focus on creating a fulfilling marriage.

Workout together.
Or do productive hobbies together. Anger can so easily creep up, so why not nip it right in the butt. Exercise can help create those happy hormones and you both can help encourage the other to beat their PR.

Take time alone.
Again, anger can so easily creep up. Sometimes all we need is a little alone time. Let your spouse go out with their friends or you do the same. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Ditch the friends and spend time together.
To go against the previous suggestion, don't spend too much time away from each other. Sometimes you need to ditch those plans with friends and just dedicate some time with your significant other.

Trust your loved one.
If you trust them, they can trust you.

Try your hardest to have open communication. When it fails, try again. Think of your marriage like a business. If communication between departments or coworkers are not pristine, the company is hurting. Don't let your marriage hurt due to lack of communication.

The list goes on and on. Mostly because, there is NO perfect marriage. To create a list would just be impossible. How do you work towards having a perfect marriage?

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  1. Thank heavens you found the ring! My hubby has lost his on a couple of occasions. The first time it was missing so long I bought him a replacement. Recently it was misplaced again and he didn't even tell me until it turned up. Phew! The Caveman and I have lots in common. We strength trained together before we were married and are doing it again once or twice a week. I love it!

    1. Gosh, I know. It was a little nerve-wrecking for a bit. But it seems that misplacing the ring isn't all that uncommon!

      That is awesome that the two of you still strength train together. I really enjoy when the hubs and I get out fitness on together.


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