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Peek Into Someone's Life

Monday, April 13, 2015

I often wonder what draws people to my blog and what would get them to stay longer. I didn't hire a designer when my I created my last blog face lift and I honestly don't ever care to hire one. Mind you, my design has been in the works for well over a year and I will likely do a 180 before I correct the current issues. Tell me I am not the only crazy lady that would like to change my layout more often than I brush my teeth. 

I did some browsing and found some bloggers that offer services that will give your site a once over and even social media accounts too. They will look for minor errors, areas to improve upon, and/or items to add to receive and retain readers. All of this comes with a cost and I am not about that right now. [insert broke girl that moved from the Midwest to the East Coast and is looking for a job emoji here]

Peek User Testing was mentioned to me by someone somewhere that I just can't seem to place. I was intrigued to get a 'peek' into how viewers look at my page. After doing some research and realized they offered FREE services I gave it a shot. Not once, but several times. My results can be seen here, here, or here. I then went on and had a few of my favorite, successful blogs tested to perhaps see what they are doing differently.

Before you go over there and run a free test on your site, let me share the pros and cons to Peek User Testing.

Pro - It's FREE. That means, you enter in the website you would like tested and the email address you would like it sent to.

Con - It's FREE. That means, you are not screening who will be testing your site. In some tests, the  user may not even know what a blog is. It's true.

Pro - You get your results quickly - between 1 hour and 24 hours usually. You don't have to wait around for someone's schedule to open up. You simply get the next tester in line to check out your site.

Con - This one might not be a con for most, but you may not necessarily have a tester that lives in the same country as you. If you are wanting to test a specific demographic, you will not be able to select this with the free Peek test.

Pro - You can test any site you wish to. Want to find out how users view your best friend's blog. Just enter it in and await the results.

Pro - The results are always around 5 minutes long. Quick enough for you to understand why someone might close out of your blog right when they open it, but long enough to keep the tester engaged.

I was never contacted by Peek User Testing to write a post for them. Bloggers need to work together and share all the best free services out there. Also, this is my favorite comment I received, She a wealthy person who blogs for a living. < I wish this were true!

Have you ever had your blog tested by a random user?


  1. This is an interesting thing to consider. My goal when running my own blog is to have it as easy and as clean as possible. I figure people will read it if it is that way. Mostly, because the blogs that I read, I read because they're clean and not cluttered and I can pop in over morning tea and pop out again. Easy peasy.

    1. So very true. I had a couple of broken links that didn't direct people where I wanted it to. Found this out on my first Peek testing.

  2. NO but I would LOVE TO - I know it wouldn't pass though! ha ha.

    1. Nah, don't say that. One of the tester was really confused what 'the site' was and couldn't figure out what I was selling. Ha - what I'm selling doesn't cost money and is quite different than a product.

  3. I have thought about having my blog looked at but I'm nervous to hear what someone would say! Haha!

    1. Don't be nervous. I got a good laugh out of a few testers comments.


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