a traveling Wife: Five Ingredients to a Healthy Lifestyle

Five Ingredients to a Healthy Lifestyle

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I have a serious case of white coat syndrome. So bad that often the doctors, nurses, or assistants take my blood pressure multiple times to make sure I am okay. Most cases, they are still not happy with my reading and request follow up work. I don't know what it is but my blood pressure just skyrockets the instant I walk into a doctors office. Even the eye doctor. 

I used to check my blood pressure once a week at the grocery store while shopping. It would always show normal, or better than normal. I keep track of my readings as proof that it's not me. The opposite of a teenage breakup - It's not you, it's me.

I was beyond excited when I was sent a MeasuPro BPM-80A Blood Pressure Monitor because I would no longer have to spend the extra time at the grocery store getting my reading. Not only does it store my readings, but it stores a second user as well. Win for the Husband!

But how do I keep my reading low? How do I maintain a healthy lifestyle? I stick to 5 main ingredients to keep my heart happy and my life long. Hopefully.

Five Ingredients to a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Water. And lots of it.
Okay, to be honest I suck at this one. I pour myself a glass of water then 2 hours later I realize I only had one sip. I've tried adding fruit and drinking it warm. I am just not a huge fan of water but drink as much as I can.

2. Supplements. I know I don't get all of my dietary needs through my food even though I try to incorporate a variety of foods. Multivitamins allow me to get the vitamins I might miss throughout the day.

3. Fruits. Fruits. And veggies.
I like fruit probably because it is nature's candy. Veggies are great too but not always as tasty of a snack as grabby a juicy orange. 

4. Fitness or staying active. Even if I only take the pup for a walk I try and get a daily dose of fitness. 

5. Fresh air. I don't think there is anything better for the soul, and heart, than stepping outside to get some fresh air. I believe taking 10 minutes outside helps to lower stress. So go do it now. 

How do you live a healthy lifestyle?

*I received the blood pressure monitor from Tomoson for review. All opinions are my own. See disclaimer at bottom of page.*


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  2. I do all of the above, some days are better than others! I love getting outside though. That is probably my favorite thing to do because it just makes me feel so much better.

    1. Ooh, I got plenty of outside time this weekend. I hope you all had some nice weather too!


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