a traveling Wife: In real life...

In real life...

Monday, April 27, 2015

a traveling Wife

In real life, moving is hard. Emotionally and physically hard.

In real life,  job hunting sucks. Building your resume is even tougher.

In real life, being an introvert makes it hard to make friends. Mostly because you don't care to be around people to even get to know them.

In real life, making a house your home is not as easy as one might think.

In real life, ticks can be found near wooded areas. But you probably already knew that.

In real life, not showering all day because you work from home is blissful.

In real life, sitting outside in some sunshine is 1,000 times better than doing housework.

In real life, loads and loads of laundry should be done by a fairy of some sort.

In real life, arguments happen.

In real life, coffee makes a Monday easier.

That's my Monday ramblings. What's going on in your life?


  1. I'm right there with you on the friends thing. I'd rather have two good friends than be in a room full of people. It's hard.


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