a traveling Wife: What I am Eating This Week #WIAW

What I am Eating This Week #WIAW

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I have been doing a lot of research lately about macros and what it means to get your daily macros in. While I am still 100% confused about the whole thing, I figured I could jump back on the healthy eating train I left well over 2 years ago. Don't get me wrong. I still have been super aware of what I am eating but besides the whole, that's probably not the best thing to be eating, I would eat it anyway.

I love seeing what other people eat on a daily basis to create some new ideas for myself. And, if I document what I am eating here with you all, I will likely stay on track. I like to call this a win, win. Therefore, I am joining this week's What I Ate Wednesday for What I am Eating This Week.

Enjoy what a typical day this week would look like.

Breakfast - Cheerios + Ancient Grains with skim milk. You need to go try these Cheerios. Sadly the box is empty already. Also, hot water and lemon are a favorite of mine.

Snack One - These Chobani flips thingys are AMAZING. When I open it up the clouds go away and the sun starts to shine. It's that good. The chocolate haze craze and the key lime crumble are the best. Oh, and another glass of hot lemon water for the win.

Lunch - Tuna sandwich made with greek yogurt, pickles, horseradish mustard, red onion, garlic powder, and a tiny bit of mayo on top of a leafy medley and half hamburger bun. This is so, so yummy!

Snack Two - It's time to protein load with garlic hummus and a hardboiled egg. Plus the Stacy's pita chips are pretty darn tasty to dip in the hummus. Please note the cucumber lemon water - spa at home.

Dinner - Mini turkey meatloaf made with ground oatmeal. This is paired with a handful of steamed asparagus and is a go to meal for us!

Dessert - Pear and plum cobbler. Oh. Ehm. Gee. The crumble topping is made with almond meal which is super yummy. And yes, we eat dessert almost every night!

Every week I plan my meals out to include 2-3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2-3 dinners. Then we repeat these meals throughout the week leaving one dinner for random foods such as just cleaning out the refrigerator and one whole day for cheat eating. It works for us.

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  1. That all looks awesome! There's something about Cheerios that never gets old. And that dessert! I need to make a cobbler soon.

    1. Cheerios are just so darn tasty! Also, I am a sucker for anything sweet, but I am a big fan of fruit cobblers.

  2. Ooh the mini meatloaf looks so cute! This week I'm eating nuts and yogurt, and I tried two new chicken recipes from pinterest. They were super yummy. I <3 social media for that reason. Just found you through Peas and Crayons, 'WIAW' link up.

    1. The mini meatloaf works so great for our family, plus it doesn't have to bake as long as a regular size loaf. :) And, I love social media to find new recipes. Thanks for stopping by!


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