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House Cleaning Fairy

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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Did you miss my post from yesterday about alternative activities to avoid adult chores? Well house cleaning is one of my least favorite adult chores. The laundry, the vacuuming, the dishes, the dusting, and the mopping. I wish there was a little fairy that would come while I was sleeping to take care of everything. Wishful thinking. Then I could get back to binge watching Netflix. 

I've tried cleaning the entire house on one given day of the week and the feeling of accomplishment is great. Since those days, we have purchased a house that is 900 square feet larger and it takes me nearly 2 hours to clean the house from top to bottom. Cue the house cleaning schedule!
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On a daily basis I spend about 10 minutes tidying up any items that are just laying around - like a blanket, or remotes, or shoes. I also spend a few extra minutes to make sure the bed is made. I mean, if someone were to break into my house, I want it to be presentable! After those daily items have been handled, I can accomplish the bigger task at hand - the chores. I try and breakup the larger items to one per day, excluding items like the laundry because that gets done when it gets done. Or not at all. 

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These larger items end up taking me around 20 minutes if I use the right products. I am all about multi-use products to cut down on the time spent cleaning, as well as, storage space. Now I bet you want to see which products I find worthy, or look inside my fridge, or something. It's crazy how many strangers want to see inside your fridge. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

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I keep all three of these Clorox products throughout the house - the Dust Wipes stay under the kitchen sink cupboard, Pump'N Clean on the kitchen counter, and the Scrub Singles in a bathroom caddy. The ease of multi-use products is a game changer. I can go from dusting off my entertainment center to cleaning the floors with one Dust Wipe just by putting the same sheet on a sweeper. Or I can fry up an egg with one hand and clean the counters with the other hand with the Pump'N Clean. #showoff

Now you know how much I love multi-use products, I also love multitasking. You know, like shopping for those above products from Target while I get all the unnecessary home decor items. How does Target do it? I never seem to walk out of there under $50. Please tell my Husband that it's not just me. 
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How do you stay on top of your house cleaning chores? What are your favorite multi-use products?

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  1. Haha! Now I want to see a picture of you frying an egg with one hand and cleaning the counter with the other! Keeping the kitchen clean is an absolute must in our house, too. Thanks for sharing! #client


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