a traveling Wife: Running Streak - 50 Days

Running Streak - 50 Days

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

This post contains sponsored items from Holloway. Thank you for your continued support.

Happy Hump Day. Is anyone else sick of browsing through their social media accounts only to be greeted by bums of all sizes for Hump Day? Maybe I should have reconsidered all of the photos for this post to be my arse...

Back to the topic at hand. I just got back from an asthma induced mile run. In case you missed it, I challenged myself to run every single day - a running streak if you will. When I started out I didn't put an end date to my running streak because I really thought I wouldn't stick with it. Here I am at day 50 and I'm putting it in writing that I want to run until December 31st.

That's tough because I don't have a gym membership and I don't own a treadmill. Running outside is my only option so I am hoping the weather will be nice to me here. Even if I have to get out A's snowshoes, I will accomplish one mile every day.

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My last few running posts focused on what I learned while running each day. I haven't really learned anything new besides learning what clothes are the most comfortable and are least likely to chafe - more on that later. Today I wanted to share the 7 ways I know I am addicted to running (in a good way). Can you relate to any of them?
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My life revolves around running. I wake up and put on athletic clothes and drink my coffee. I then muster up the strength and willpower to get out and run. After running I shower and put on new athletic clothes. I LIVE in athletic clothing. However, I think most of you can relate to the yoga pant, gym shorts attire.

I don't care what people think of my running. Whether I can hardly catch my breath or if I am just galloping down the street, I'm sure it's not cute. I use to have slight anxiety about getting out each day for a run - from having matching outfits to sleekly styled hair. Now I am lucky if I even put on fresh clothes rather than the ones I wore the previous evening.

Most people I follow on social media are runners. Don't hate me if I unfollowed you because you were posting photos of your kids, decor, or travel adventures. I have really been getting a lot of motivation from social media to keep running each day. Most days I only run a mile because, hello - hills, but these folks are running 6+ miles each day. That's my motivation.

FOMO. Have you heard this acronym yet - fear of missing out? This technically relates to social media but I fear that if I skip a day of running that I might miss a new PR time. Or I might get out for one mile and want to run three. Or I fear that I might miss some beautiful scenery while running the neighborhood or local park. I have a major fear of missing out on the joys of running if I miss a day.

Running is my cure. If I'm feeling down or have a headache I lean towards running rather than medication. Usually the run helps lift my mood,. My headache, it doesn't exist during the run but will likely return once I'm done.

I've become an expert with routes. This route is exactly 1 mile, that way will be 1.25 miles, if I do this circle it will be 2.25 miles. My neighborhood is small and there are tons of hills so I have created multiple running circles to accomplish my runs. I have yet to feel confident enough to cross major roads on my own - call me a child, I don't care.

I haven't worn clothes out of my closet in weeks. Like mentioned in the previous confessions, I mostly wear athletic clothing. Luckily I have had some items sent to me for review and, honestly, those are the items I grab most often. They are housed in my nightstand so they are super convenient to grab.

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Thank you to Holloway for sending me the most comfortable precision tank (medium) and boundary shorts (medium). And as a fun little offer, they are hosting a wonderful giveaway. Be sure to enter if you are interested in new fitness gear. But really, who isn't?!

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  1. Congrats on the running streak! I just hit day 173 so you can definitely do this until December 31...I don't have a gym membership or treadmill either!

    1. Thank you! 173 days is very impressive - all while outside? You deserve a high-five.

  2. Awesome and I can totally relate. I haven't been able to run much the last few years and you make me miss it so much! love those clothes! I'm always game for some new shorts and tanks!!

    1. Oh no, did you have an injury? I hope you can get out there and hit some pavement soon. Also clothes, who doesn't love free clothes?!

    2. I just saw your reply! No i've had 2 kids!! not conducive to running for by body sadly!

      PS i'm so excited!!

  3. I love this post!! I too live in athletic clothes! Great job for getting out there to run! You have a great blog!!

    1. Hey, there is nothing wrong with that!! And thank you for the sweet comment. :)

  4. That is so awesome that you have passed the 50 day mark! I totally get you on your list and have one to add. I no longer walk on sidewalks because I am so used to running in the road. Oops!

    1. Oh my gosh, so true! The houses here have the tiniest driveways so even trucks stick out into the curb. I'd rather run all streets than have to avoid the obstacles.


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