a traveling Wife: Reminders vs. Resolutions

Reminders vs. Resolutions

Thursday, January 7, 2016

It's been exactly one week since we welcomed 2016 and I am going to guess that a large portion of individuals are already struggling with their New Year's resolutions. Guess what? I don't make New Year's resolutions. If you have been around these parts for a while then you'll remember a post from last year - 15 reminders to keep me in check throughout the year.

Let's go over those 15 reminders one more time and add a 16th for 2016!

2016 Reminders - New Year's Resolution - 16 reminders to remember throughout the entire year

1. Entertain and embrace change
I would say I tried really hard with this one considering we moved from Indiana to Maryland in April. I'm still trying to fully embrace the change of living on the East Coast. Living in a geographical location that does not follow a grid system makes it hard for this directionally challenged individual.

2. Know your mistakes and own them

3. Consciously take care of your body
In 2015, I tried a whole bunch of new fitness ventures. When I was working in an office setting, I would utilize the corporate gym during my lunch period. That then moved to incorporating more strength and running into my routine after the move. I was able to complete 75 days of a running streak then practically quit running. This year I want to just specifically focus on being active - whatever that means during each season.

4. What you have does not prove your worth

5. Laugh and love

6. Be gracious and humble

7. Be honest. To yourself and others
Yes, and yes. I've started to be a lot more transparent with you all and I want this to be a focus going forward. Remember that time that I had a recipe disaster?

8. Enjoy nature
Living in a new state definitely sparked my interest to get out more. Nature is beautiful, so get out there.

9. Walk proud

10. Be yourself

11. Try new foods
Again, being in a new region opened my eyes to new people and new food. I'd love to learn to eat crab like a true Marylander and I still have yet to find the courage to eat a soft shell crab. Maybe this year?!

12. Give time, not money

13. Take the time to learn something

14. Express yourself

15. Don't rely on social media

Finally - 16. Explore
Because A and I have moved around often, I want to always cherish and embrace the areas that we live. This year I want to remind myself to explore. Sure it might be cold or humid as hell, but how long will we really be in Maryland. I encourage you to get out and explore as well. 
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Do you set resolutions for yourself each year?
Have you given up on your 2016 resolutions yet?
What reminders would you create for yourself to have a better 2016?