a traveling Wife: Things I am Currently Missing

Things I am Currently Missing

Monday, June 1, 2015

This post. I had it drafted on my phone and BAM - it's gone. Perhaps I should consider pressing the 'save' button next time.


Annoying corporate emails. In case you missed it, I talked about walking away from my real-life job on Friday. After two years, I don't need to see those emails anymore. 

My Husband. Weekends go by way too quickly and I was Miss Crabby-pants this past weekend. I want a do-over. Plus I could go for another SnoBall.

Friends. Moving to a new place means you have to make new friends - I will always have my long distance friends! Currently I haven't met anyone local. Why is it so hard to make friends when you are an adult?

My house in Indianapolis. This was the first house that we purchased, and although it was small, it will forever have my heart. We literally put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into that place. It started a spark within A and I for forever remodeling. 

Vernors. Thanks to Emily that posted about having a Vernors Slurpee I am craving a nice cold Vernors, or Boston Cooler. Vernors is a ginger ale soda that can really only be purchased in Michigan, Indiana, or Ohio (at least those are the only locations I have been able to find it). Being born in Michigan, Vernors is the only type of ginger ale - the best type!

Fall weather. Don't hate me for wanting to completely skip over the Spring and Summer season. This sub-tropic weather that Maryland has is absolutely killing me, and the pup too. I went out in hopes of running 2 easy miles. This ended after a dreadful 1.5 miles. #humidity

Amsterdam. A and I did a short European trip in December 2013. Amsterdam was my favorite city then and still has my heart. I am itching for a trip back. 

What are you currently missing?


  1. I forgot about Vernor's! It is definitely a Midwest thing. However, we don't have it down in Southern Indiana.

    1. Ugh, seriously?! How dare Southern Indiana!! I wish another company would pick up the brand so that I could buy Vernors anywhere.

  2. I have a hard time making friends. That's the introvert in me, I guess. Plus, I enjoy spending time and doing stuff with my husband, so I don't try really hard.

    I love Amsterdam too. We went there in 2001 (I think). It was so cold (it was in April, right after we ran the Paris Marathon). Great city.

    1. Honestly, I would rather spent my time with my husband too. A lot of effort needs to be made to find new friends, and sometimes the effort isn't worth it.

      Ha - we also went to Amsterdam when it was cold - December. I love that you can easily commute between the countries there.


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